Let Us Remember Hagar

Based on Genesis 16:1-15; 21:1-3, 9-19
Recommended Tune: Munich, by Nuevermehrtes Meiningishches Gesanbuch (1693)
Adapted by Felix Mendelssohn (1847)
Meter: 76 76 D

Let us remember Hagar;
her worth we now attest:
Egyptian slave of Sarai,
by Hebrew rule oppressed.
She answered Sarai's bidding,
and dared to be the one
who by the seed of Abram
bore them their first-born son.

When Isaac, born to Sarah,
became God's promised heir
Then Ishmael, the slave's son,
God's covenant could not share.
Yet Sarah feared Ishmael
would gain the legacy.
Her utmost thought demanded
that son and mother flee . . .

Both slave and son were banished
to the harsh wilderness.
While suff'ring there God's angel
brought words to comfort, bless . . .
"Return. Submit to Sarah"
the angel said to them.
"Fear not, for a great nation
from Ishmael will descend."

We learn from Hagar's history
how God does still provide
fresh water in the desert
when hope has almost died.
Today too many women
are held in low esteem.
May we act as God's angels,
help them to live their dream!

Edith Sinclair Downing's photo, biography, contact information and links to additional songs and choral music are available on the Discipleship Ministries website.

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