Kleinheksel, John R.

John Kleinheksel Sr. was raised in Holland, Michigan (USA), by Dutch Reformed parents, attended public schools, Hope College, New Brunswick and Western Theological Seminaries (BD), and received a Th.M. in curriculum design and small-group ministry.

With a lifelong love of music, he took piano lessons from Johanna Boersma, organ from Roger Rietberg, sang in the Hope College Chapel Choir, was music director for two summers at Camp Geneva (RCA), and directed the Western Seminary choir. Beginning in 1993, he began composing tunes (and texts) while serving as Associate Pastor at South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church in Florida (where he sang in the Jacksonville Symphony Chorus).

He has composed texts to go with original tunes on a variety of biblical and lectionary topics. He has created hymns, anthems, tunes, prayers, responsorials, canons and spiritual songs (see his blogsite: His compositions have been sung at The American Church in Paris, the Tokyo Union Church, his own Church (Christ Memorial Church, Holland, MI) and the Evergreen Chorale, where he also sings.

His tunes have been set to texts by Andrew Pratt (Whatever Names or Creeds -- Stainer & Bell), Brian Wren, Herman Stuempfle, Timothy Dudley-Smith (Great is the Story -- Hope), John Core (Shores of Thought and Feeling -- Leupold), Mary Louise Bringle (In Wind and Wonder -- G.I.A.) and Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Gifts of Love -- Geneva Press). Paul Richardson published one of his tunes set to a Mary Louise Bringle text in his resource for corporate worship, Will You Come and Follow Me (Samford University Press).

Lately, some viewers of his website have asked him to set their texts to his tunes, or to his unique arrangements of hymn tune classics, such as Duke Street, Hyfrydol, Dunedin, or Diademata.


His favorite topic is life with God and others as a fruitful garden or vineyard:

  • A Verdant Vineyard Springs at Eden's Dawning
  • God Set a Fruitful Garden at Creation
  • A Story of Two Gardens (comparison of Adam in Eden and Jesus in Gethsemane)
  • As Eden's Man and Woman Are Hiding (Text by Mary Louise Bringle, G.I.A.)
  • Far From Cultivated Gardens (text by John Core, Wayne Leupold)
  • God of the Garden (text by Michael Saward, Jubilate)


Contact Information:
John R. Kleinheksel
296 Timber Lake Dr E
Holland, MI
49424 Telephone: 616-994-0187
Mobile: 817-773-3388
E-mail: [email protected]



John R. Kleinheksel's Work on the Discipleship Ministries Website

  1. Blessed Trinity
  2. Give Your Cares to God
  3. God Is Gracious, Fair And Strong - 4-part round
  4. God Is Great, God Is Good
  5. Here Before The Mountains' Grandeur (Benjamin's Tune)
  6. Herod Waiting, Herod Watching
  7. Homes That Once Held Joy and Laughter - Hymn after Hurricane Katrina
  8. If God Created All We See (Kleinheksel Sr.)
  9. In Times Of Great Decision (Kleinheksel, Sr.)
  10. Jesus Is Lord!
  11. Master Jesus
  12. Mingled Tears Of Memory (Hinsdale)
  13. Motherhood: A Gift, A Calling
  14. On Friday, When the Sky Was Dark (Kleinheksel)
  15. Perfect Love - New Hymn for John 20
  16. Prepare, Prepare - Advent Hymn, 3-part round
  17. Sometimes We Feel Such Utter Loss (Red Bank)
  18. Thousands Came to Hear the Rabbi - Text by Jacque B. Jones
  19. 'Tis Winter Now, the Fallen Snow
  20. A Verdant Vineyard Springs at Eden's Dawning (Setting One)
  21. A Verdant Vineyard Springs at Eden's Dawning (Setting Two)
  22. We Cannot Be Dismissive (Timber Lake)
  23. What's This Fire? - Hymn for Pentecost
  24. When Every Source Of Hope Is Torn (Revere)
  25. You Made Us in Your Image

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