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Justice for All Litany

Distributive Justice

The world’s resources were created for all created beings. Since some are famished and others are lavished with more than they would ever require, there must be a problem with the equitable distribution of the world's resources. The message for us to today is to "live simply that others may simply live."

Let justice be experienced in the fair distribution of God’s resources.

Procedural Justice

If more of us were exposed to the processes and procedures of our public affairs might there be less temptation to misuse, mishandle and misappropriate?
Transparency enables us to judge more accurately.

Let justice be experienced not only in fair distribution, but also in fair play by including more people in public processes.

Restorative Justice

Restorative justice means restoring what evil in any form has taken away from us. In the early chapters of our lives, so much was taken away! Let chapter 42 of Job be ours now -- the restoration of everything that was lost, double-fold!

Let justice be experienced through righted wrongs and the restoration of good things to all of God’s people.

Retributive Justice

We do not pray for revenge; we ask for healing. Put your feet in one another's moccasins and pledge not to hurt any race, generation, or community for being who they are.

Let justice be experienced in establishing respectful relationship with all of God’s creation.

The Rev. T. Anne Daniel is a clergy member of the Conference of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA). Currently, T. Anne pastors Wakefield Grace UMC in the New York Annual Conference.

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