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Path 1 isn’t an agency program or initiative. It was started by – and belongs to – the entire denomination. Please Join the Movement and put your God-given gifts to good use.

We believe we are responding to God's call to reach more people, more young people and more diverse people for Jesus Christ.

We seek to share God's love with everyone through creating new places for new people to experience the Good News!

We have witnessed God raising up new leaders, equipped in a variety of ways, who will join us on this journey of starting new United Methodist Churches across the United States.

Here are a few ways God may be calling you to get involved:

The Path 1 Prayer Movement seeks to undergird all our new church planting efforts with prayer. Sign-up to be a prayer warrior for our new church starts, submit requests and/or learn more here.
Are you (or is someone you know) being called to start a new place for new people? Is your congregation ripe for planting a new congregation? For reaching an entirely different culture? Are there entrepreneurial young people in your midst who may need your encouragement to discern God’s call on their lives? Look for tools available to aid in this process here.

We encourage leaders to attend Boot Camps and New Church Leadership Institutes (NCLI). These events are usually held in each Jurisdiction. Boot Camps are designed for leaders who are planting new churches or for those who have recently planted a new church. Find a Boot Camp or NCLI in your Jurisdiction.
Consider being part of a launch team for a new church start. Approach your congregation about serving as a partner for a new church start. Tell us about a potential planter, a location needing a new congregation or a congregation ready to start a new church.
Your gifts can support church planting in many significant ways! Help to fund planters, strategists, training, research and more! Learn how you can contribute here.
Help Path 1 cast a vision that compels The United Methodist Church to find and train 2016 church planters to start 1000 healthy, new congregations in the United States by the end of 2016 – even across conference and jurisdictional lines!
All new church starts – and their major stakeholders – need skilled and effective coaching to ensure viability, sustainability and multiplication in their first decade. The Path 1 Coaching Network provides well-trained and endorsed coaches to work in all phases of church planting. Click here to hire or become a coach.
New churches partnered with vital, growing churches thrive. To create a culture where all thrive to more rapidly transform the mission field, the Readiness 360 inventory helps assess potential partner congregations. Results link to tools and strategies to help those congregations be better positioned for fruitfulness. Learn more.
The Lay Missionary Planting Network offers a grassroots process of calling, equipping and sending laity to lead or serve on planting teams for new congregations. Several Annual Conferences are participating in a beta-test, funded in part by a grant from The Foundation for Evangelism. Learn more about LMPN.

Contact Us for Help

View staff by program area to ask for additional assistance.