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Index of The Korean-English United Methodist Hymnal Contents

Come, Let Us Worship (The Korean-English United Methodist Hymnal, 2001) was approved by the 2000 General Conference of The United Methodist Church as an official denominational hymnal. The other two official hymnals of our church are The United Methodist Hymnal (1989) and Mil Voces Para Celebrar (1996). The index which follows includes all the titles of Come, Let Us Worship and indicates whether they are duplicated in the 1989 Hymnal, in The Faith We Sing, or are readily available in other current English-language hymnals and song collections. It also indicates which titles are original Korean-language songs that have been translated into English for this hymnal.

The statistical analysis of this cross-referencing shows that of the 342 musical titles in Come, Let Us Worship:

  • 233 (68%) are in The United Methodist Hymnal (1989)
  • 18 (5%) are in The Faith We Sing
  • 76 (22%) are other original English language hymns readily available in other hymnals and songbooks. Many of these are old gospel songs.


  • 309 (90%) are non-Korean hymns and songs already available in other sources
  • 233 (68%) are already in The United Methodist Hymnal or The Faith We Sing
  • 33 (less than 10%) are originally Korean titles that have been included with English translations available for the first time in a UM hymnal.

These statistics are consistent with the committee's original intent for this new hymnal as stated in the Preface (p. vi):

  1. The committee was to create a collection for use by the average worshiper in a Korean church
  2. The hymnal was to help bridge the differences between first- and second-generation Korean-Americans in The United Methodist Church
  3. The hymnal was to serve as a resource to strengthen and support the spiritual life of the current generation of Korean-Americans

The means the hymnal committee chose to do this was to make this new hymnal a primary worship resource for congregational song in which the vast majority of songs included (90%) are original English-language hymns and songs. It seeks to make available to Korean-American congregations many of the titles in The United Methodist Hymnal and The Faith We Sing already being sung by the English-speaking "majority" churches of our denomination. This new hymnal does not draw heavily upon original Korean hymns and songs for its contents. Thus, rather than being a major resource upon which the larger church can draw to experience worship and music within an Asian or Korean cultural ethos, this hymnal has been designed to make available in the Korean language a large portion of the English-speaking larger church's ethos and congregational song repertoire for use in Korean-speaking congregations.

Page Title
(in English)
Original Korean UM Hymnal The Faith We Sing Other English Sources
293 A wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord X
186 Ah, holy Jesus X
107 All day long X
206 All my tomorrows, all my past X
118 All people that on earth do dwell X
379 All the saints who've fought X
101 All the way my Savior leads me X
63 All things bright and beautiful X
355 Alleluia X
201 Alleluia, Alleluia X
197 Alleluia! Christ is risen (Resurrection canon) X
196 Alleluia! Sing to Jesus X
111 Almighty God, your word is cast X
94 Amazing grace! How sweet the sound X
359 Amen X
173 Amen, Amen X
280 And can it be that I should gain X
112 As dew falls gently at night X
116 As the deer X
157 Away in a manger X
307 Be still, my soul X
191 Because he died and is risen X
377 Beyond the sunset X
120 Bless the Lord X
360 Bless thou the gifts X
287 Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine X
133 Blessed day, happy day X
108 Blessed Jesus, at thy word X
254 Blest be the dear uniting love X
240 Bread of the world X
319 Call'd of God, we honor the call X
278 Change my heart, Oh God X
232 Child of blessing, child of promise X
335 Children of the heavenly Father X
267 Christ for the whole wide world X
260 Christ for the world we sing X
190 Christ is alive! X
193 Christ the Lord is risen today X
380 Christ the Victorious X
250 Christ, from whom all blessings flow X
281 Christ, whose glory fills the skies X
306 Come all ye that labor X
272 Come back quickly to the Lord X
99 Come into my heart, blessed Jesus X
148 Come now, O Prince of peace X
200 Come on and celebrate X
131 Come one and all, come join in song X
218 Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire X
387 Come, let us join our friends X
283 Come, let us reason X
88 Come, sinners, to the gospel feast X
127 Come, thou fount of every blessing X
241 Come, ye thankful people, come X
273 Depth of mercy X
100 Dear Lord, lead me day by day X
142 Dona nobis pacem X
277 Down at the cross X
103 Draw thou my soul, O Christ X
383 Dream on, dream on X
77 El Shaddai X
211 Emmanuel, Emmanuel X
268 Even though I'm forever weak X
243 Every hill seems to be aflame X
213 Every time I feel the Spirit X
300 Everyone who longs for X
97 Faith, while trees are still in blossom X
275 Far from the Lord I wandered X
85 Father in heaven how we love you X
225 Father, I adore you X
228 Father, we love you X
178 Filled with excitement (Mantos y palmas esparciendo) X
388 For all the saints X
235 For the bread which you have broken X
126 From all that dwell below the skies X
122 From the depths, O Lord, I cry X
158 Gentle Mary laid her child X
247 Give thanks X
282 Give to the winds thy fears X
353 Gloria, gloria X
256 Glorious things of thee are spoken X
351 Glory to God, the Creator X
363 Go now in peace X
187 Go to dark Gethsemane X
261 Go, make of all disciples X
347 God be with you till we meet again X
149 God brings the kingdom X
258 God forgave my sin (Freely, Freely) X
325 God of our life X
59 God of the sparrow God of the whale X
285 God sent his Son (Because he lives) X
164 God who came in human form (God almighty, ruling the world) X
134 God who created all X
117 God, be merciful to us X
340 God, give us Christian homes X
374 God, that madest earth and heaven X
64 God, who stretched the spangled heavens X
73 God, whose love is reigning o'er us X
155 Good Christian friends, rejoice X
365 Grace, love, and peace abide X
81 Great is thy faithfulness X
143 Hail to the brightness X
125 Hallelujah, in God's temple, X
327 Have thine own way, Lord X
156 He is born X
328 Heal us, Emmanuel, hear our prayer X
358 Hear us, O Lord X
334 Heart longings, Lord Jesus X
70 He's got the whole world in his hands X
354 Heleluyan (Alleluia) X
253 Help us accept each other X
266 Heralds of light, speed away X
265 Here am I, send me X
251 Here, O Lord, your servants gather X
203 His name is wonderful X
110 Holy Bible, Book divine X
80 Holy God, we praise thy name X
229 Holy, holy X
233 Holy, holy, holy Lord X
79 Holy, holy, holy! Lord God almighty X
82 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord X
224 Holy Spirit, breathe on me X
217 Holy Spirit, come, confirm us X
288 How can we sinners know X
216 How like a gentle Spirit X
95 I am a stranger here X
252 I am the church! You are the church! X
329 I am weak but thou art strong X
170 I danced in the morning (Lord of the dance) X
299 I greet thee, who my sure redeemer art X
295 I have found a friend in Jesus (The lily of the valley) X
92 I heard an old, old story (Victory in Jesus) X
210 I just want to praise you X
290 I know not why God's wondrous grace X
135 I lift my hands X
323 I love the Lord, who heard my cry X
65 I sing the almighty power of God X
93 I stand amazed in the presence X
104 I want Jesus to walk with me X
102 I want to walk as a child of the light X
292 I will trust in the Lord X
263 I, the Lord of sea and sky (Here I Am, Lord) X
205 I'd rather have Jesus X
123 I'll praise my maker while I've breath X
223 I'm goin'a sing when the Spirit says X
391 I'm pressing on the upward way X
74 Immortal, invisible, God only wise X
106 In deepest darkness I wandered alone X
209 In his name X
392 In the bulb there is a flower (Hymn of promise) X
296 In the garden (I come to the garden alone) X
162 In the little village of Bethlehem X
152 Infant holy, infant lowly X
262 It only takes a spark (Pass it on) X
326 It's me, it's me, O Lord X
179 Jesu, Jesu X
96 Jesus calls us X
176 Jesus' hands were kind hands X
342 Jesus loves me! X
337 Jesus loves the little children X
183 Jesus shed his blood for me X
199 Jesus! The name high over all X
180 Jesus walked this lonesome valley X
195 Jesus, beloved Lord X
270 Jesus, he is the Christ X
208 Jesus, I love you (Alleluia) X
373 Jesus, I think of you now X
344 Jesus, joy of our desiring X
316 Jesus, my Lord, to thee I cry X
364 Jesus, remember me X
105 Jesus, Savior, Lord (Saranam, Saranam) X
161 Joy to the world X
75 Joyful, joyful, we adore thee X
146 Justice comes as river water flow X
332 Kum Ba Yah (Come by here) X
350 Kyrie Eleison X
150 Let all mortal flesh keep silence X
222 Let every Christian pray X
69 Let there be light X
137 Let there be peace on earth X
236 Let us break bread together X
239 Let us talents and tongues employ X
67 Let's sing unto the Lord X
174 Lift high the cross X
144 Live into hope X
84 Lord God, thy glory X
349 Lord, have mercy X
264 Lord, the light of your love (Shine, Jesus, shine) X
181 Lord, who throughout these forty days X
90 Lord, you have come to the lakeshore (Tu Has Venito a la) X
165 Loving Lord Jesus X
192 Low in the grave he lay X
204 Majesty, worship his majesty X
71 Many and great, O God X
212 Many gifts, one Spirit X
368 May the grace of the Lord X
367 May the Lord go with you X
318 More love to thee, O Christ X
370 Morning has broken X
167 Morning Star, O Cheering Sight X
357 Move me X
313 My heart I give unto you X
175 My heart is little Galilee X
321 My Jesus, I love thee X
386 My Lord, what a morning X
87 My Savior, my King X
308 Nearer, my God, to thee X
375 Now the day is over X
372 Now, on land and sea descending X
249 O church of God, united X
226 O for a thousand tongues to sing X
227 O God in heaven X
390 O holy city, seen of John X
61 O Lord My God! (How Great Thou Art) X
185 O love divine, what has thou done X
322 O love that wilt not let me go X
315 O master, let me walk with thee X
305 O soul, are you weary? X
269 O thou who camest from above X
169 O wondrous sight! O vision fair X
89 O, the help that God has given X
66 Of the Father's love begotten X
83 On Eagle's Wings (And God will raise you up) X
159 Once in royal David's city X
237 One bread, one body X
132 Open your eyes X
356 Our eyes are on the Lord X
276 Out of my bondage, sorrow, and night X
271 Pass me not, O gentle Savior X
230 Praise and thanksgiving be to God X
352 Praise God, from whom all blessings X
336 Praise him, all ye little children X
124 Praise the Lord who reigns above X
76 Praise to the Lord X
68 Praise to the Lord, the almighty X
309 Precious Lord, take my hand X
141 Prepare the way of the Lord X
130 Rejoice, ye pure in heart X
234 Remember me X
371 Rise to greet the sun X
298 Savior, lead me X
274 Search me, O God (Cleanse me) X
248 See how great a flame aspires X
242 See the birds as they fly X
136 Seek ye first X
331 Send me, Lord X
113 Send your word X
366 Sent forth by God's blessing X
286 Shackled by a heavy burden (He touched me) X
389 Shall we gather at the river X
362 Shalom X
361 Shalom to you X
207 Shout for joy and sing X
160 Silent night! Holy night! X
60 Sing praise to God who reigns above X
381 Sing the wondrous love of Jesus (When we all get to heaven) X
166 Sing we now of Christmas X
382 Sing with all the saints in glory X
121 Sing, praise and bless the Lord X
244 Soft rains of spring flow X
376 Softly now the light of day X
284 Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling X
303 Something beautiful X
385 Soon and very soon X
219 Spirit of faith, come down X
214 Spirit of the living God X
91 Spirit Song (O let the Son of God enfold you) X
339 Spring breezes blow gently (Our home) X
128 Stand up and bless the Lord X
378 Steal away to Jesus X
153 Still, still, still X
215 Surely the presence of the Lord X
330 Sweet hour of prayer X
384 Swing low, sweet chariot X
312 Take my life, and let it be X
238 Take our bread X
145 Take up thy cross X
177 Tell me the stories of Jesus X
246 Thanks to God for my redeemer X
302 The care the eagle gives her young X
255 The church's one foundation X
188 The day of resurrection X
301 The joy of the Lord X
114 The Lord hear thee X
348 The Lord is in his holy temple X
115 The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want X
86 The love of God X
163 The snow lay on the ground X
294 The trusting heart to Jesus clings X
139 The voice of God is calling X
98 There is a balm in Gilead X
198 There is a name I love (O how I love Jesus) X
324 There is a place of quiet rest (Near to the heart of God) X
220 There's a sweet, sweet Spirit X
289 There's within my heart a melody X
189 They crucified my Savior (He rose) X
194 Thine be the glory X
311 This is a day of new beginnings X
62 This is my Father's world X
338 This little light of mine X
172 Thou didst leave thy throne X
346 Thou hidden source of calm repose X
341 Though I may speak X
259 Though so many have gone astray X
279 Through it all X
109 Thy word is a lamp X
182 Tis finished! the Messiah dies X
151 To a maid engaged to Joseph X
78 To God be the glory X
184 To mock your reign, O dearest Lord X
317 To my precious Lord X
119 To the high and kindly hills X
345 Very long ago up in heaven's above X
297 Walking in sunlight all of my journey X
314 We are climbing Jacob's ladder X
257 We are one in the Spirit X
202 We have come into his house X
231 We know that Christ is raised X
140 We shall overcome X
245 We who bear the image of God X
168 We would see Jesus X
72 We, thy people, praise thee X
291 What a fellowship, what a joy divine X
333 What a friend we have in Jesus X
154 What child is this X
129 When in our music God is glorified X
171 When Jesus the healer passed X
343 When love is found X
369 When morning gilds the skies X
304 When peace, like a river, attendeth X
138 When the poor ones (Cuando el pobre) X
310 When we are living (Pues si vivimos) X
320 When we walk with the Lord X
147 While we are waiting, come X

Compiled by Dean McIntyre ([email protected]), Director of Music Resources for the Discipleship Ministries.

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