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In The Still Of The Winter

Hymn for Advent
Words: Nancy Hayes Kilgore
Music: tune, FOUNDATION, American melody
Topics: Advent; winter; dark; watching; waiting; light; healing

In the still of the winter, the dark of the year, there's a watching and waiting for God to come near. . .

Nancy Kilgore is a Presbyterian minister serving as a pastoral counselor in Lebanon, New Hampshire. She writes the following about this text: "I started my ministry career as a stated supply and interim pastor, and I learned to love this hymn tune at my first church(es) ?? a yoked parish in southern Delaware. But as a worship leader, I always felt that there was a dearth of Advent hymns. A few years ago, thinking of darkness and light and healing, I wrote these words for the tune." Nancy Kilgore may be contacted by email at [email protected].

In The Still Of The Winter (Sibelius format)

In The Still Of The Winter (pdf)

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