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In Search of Higher Ground

you told us that life is fragile,
like ash in the wind,
like dust in the breeze.

And, here we see it --
lives changed so drastically in an instant
one day celebrating or grumbling,
the next
with scant hours to decide
where to go and what few things to keep
before the crush of waters comes
while the green field has no clue that she is about to be
flooded with the toxic waters of the Big Muddy.

Lord, have mercy upon all who will be displaced by flooding.
Lord, have mercy upon children uprooted from school, disoriented elders, and pets left behind.
Lord, have mercy upon the many that will be affected by polluted homes and farmlands.
Lord, show us how to provide shelter and comfort.
Make us ready to help neighbors and strangers and friends in this time of great need.
Save us, Lord, in this time of trial
and lead us all to peace and safety in you. Amen.

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