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How Long Will the World Seem So Grim and Chaotic

Words: John Thornburg
Music: tune, KIRKPATRICK, by William J. Kirkpatrick (1838-1921)
Topics: grief, chaos, pain, evil, suffering, shalom, Advent, transformation

Hymn writer John Thornburg writes of a broken world ?? a world that is grim and chaotic, grieving, in pain, at times evil ?? and of God's will to transform that world through the coming of his son, Jesus. Thornburg writes of this text, "I wrote these words almost twenty years ago. And the power of Jesus to give hope seems stronger than ever to me." The author, a United Methodist elder and pastor, is a past president of The Hymn Society, and he coordinated and led the work that produced O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing: Hymns and Praise of the United Methodist Mission in Cameroon, a bilingual French-English hymnal for United Methodists in Cameroon, Africa. Through his Ministry of Congregational Singing in Dallas, he has had a great impact on hymnody and congregational song throughout the denomination. In 2013 Thornburg begins work with the Texas Methodist Foundation as an encourager of clergy and laity as they look for the core purpose of their churches, working out of his home in Dallas. He turned over the Ministry of Congregational Singing to new and capable hands. He may be contacted by email at [email protected]

"How Long Will the World Seem So Grim and Chaotic" (Sibelius)

"How Long Will the World Seem So Grim and Chaotic" (pdf)

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