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Hispanic-Latino and Spanish-Language Hymns and Songs in United Methodist Hymnals and Songbooks

United Methodist Hymnal (1989)
All Earth Is Waiting to See the Promised One 210 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Spain)
Camina, Pueblo De Dios 305 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
¡Canta Débora, Canta 81 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Brazil)
Cantemos Al Señor 149 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
Child So Lovely, Here I Kneel Before You 222 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Venezuela)
Christ Is Risen, Christ Is Living 313 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Argentina)
Cold December Flies Away 233 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Spain)
Cristo Vive, Fuera El Llanto 313 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Argentina)
Cuando El Pobre Nada Tiene 434 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
De Tierra Lejana Venimos 243 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Puerto Rico)
En El Frío Invernal 233 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Spain)
Filled with Excitement, All the Happy Throng 279 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
From a Distant Home 243 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Puerto Rico)
Jesús Es Mi Rey Soberano 180 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
Jesus Loves Me! This I Know 191 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
La Palabra Del Señor Es Recta 107 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
Let's Sing Unto the Lord 149 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
Lord, You Have Come to the Lakeshore 344 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Spain)
Mantos Y Palmas Esparciendo 279 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
Mil Voces Para Celebrar 59 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
Niño Lindo, Ante Ti Me Rindo 222 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Venezuela)
O Jesus, My King and My Sovereign 180 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
Pues Si Vivimos 356 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Mexico)
Righteous and Just Is the Word of Our Lord 107 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
¡Santo! ¡Santo! ¡Santo! 65 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
Sheaves of Summer 637 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Spain)
Sois La Semilla 583 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Spain)
The Lord's Prayer 271 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (West Indian)
Toda La Tierra Espera Al Salvador 210 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Spain)
Tú Has Venido a La Orilla 344 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Spain)
Una Espiga 637 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Spain)
Walk On, O People of God 305 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish
When the Poor Ones Who Have Nothing 434 Hispanic-Latino-Spanishx
When We Are Living 356 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Mexico)
You Are the Seed 583 Hispanic-Latino-Spanish (Spain)
The Faith We Sing (2000)
Alleluia 2078 Central America (Honduras)
Halle, Halle, Halleluja 2026a Caribbean
Halle, Halle, Halleluja 2026b Caribbean
Let Us Offer to the Father (Te Ofrecemos Padre Nuestro) 2262 Central America (Nicaragua)
My Gratitude Now Accept, O God 2044 Caribbean
Sent Out in Jesus' Name (Enviado Soy De Dios) 2184 Caribbean (Cuba)
The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy 2098 Caribbean (West Indies)
We Are One in Christ Jesus (Somos Uno En Cristo) 2229 Caribbean
You Alone Are Holy (Sólo Tú Eres Santo) 2077 Caribbean
Upper Room Worshipbook (2006)
All You Works of God, Bless the Lord! 97 Jamaican Folk Tune
Christ Is God's Never Changing "Yes" 95 Jamaican Folk Tune
Drink Living Water 429 Mexican-American
Glory to God, Glory in the Highest/Gloria a Dios, Gloria en los cielos 403 Peru
Jesus, My God and My All 423 Mexican-American
Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ 96 Jamaican Folk Tune
Padro nuestro/The Lord's Prayer 456 Mexican-American
Psalm 118 (Éste es el dia/This Is the Day) 312 Argentina
Psalm 145 (Te exaltaré/I Will Exalt My God) 355 Hispanic American
Psalm 150 (Halle, Halle, Hallelujah) 370 Caribbean
Psalm 62 (El Señor es mi fuerza/God Is My Rock) 278 Peru, Spain
Pues si vivimos 176 Mexican Melody
Radiant Light Divine 432 Mexican-American
Rain Down 144 Hisipanic American, El Salvadoran
Song of Shalom 174 Mexican Melody
The Peace of the Earth 446 Guatamela
When We Are Living 175 Mexican Melody
Yo soy la luz del mundo/I Am the World's True Light 434
Worship & Song (2011)
Come, O Redeemer, Come 3046 Hispanic-Latino American
Depth of Mercy 3097 Hispanic-Latino American
Gloria en las Alturas/Glory in the Highest 3057 Puerto Rico
Haz de mi vida un sacrificio/Make My Life a Libation 190 Spanish Translation
Lord, Prevent Us from Falling into the Sin 182 Nicaragua
Padro nuestro/The Lord's Prayer 3069 Spanish Translation

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