Global Migration Sunday — Planning Notes

Advent 1 | December 3, 2017

Global Migration Sunday this year falls on the First Sunday of Advent, the launch of the new Christian year. As we note in the Book of Worship, twice, special days and other programmatic emphases “should never take precedence over the particular day in the Christian year” (422, 434). Instead, the scriptures for the day or season form the basis for worship planning in our Church.

This proposed order of worship gives precedence to the observance of the First Sunday of Advent, including the use of scripture from the Revised Common Lectionary for this day, the selection of songs, and other elements that connect it both with Advent and the Advent worship series we have designed at Discipleship Ministries. Within this First Sunday of Advent framework, this service makes room for the specific scriptures, songs, prayers, and sermon selections from our bishops that focus on the calling of Christians to offer love, care, and hospitality for migrants, immigrants, and refugees. The sermons provided by our bishops are intended for you to adapt for your context as you see fit.

If you are following our Discipleship Ministries series suggestions, an after church or afternoon activity focused around the life and ministry of the St. Nicholas would still be quite appropriate given Bishop Nicholas’s other claim to fame as a saint — as patron of sailors and merchants, because his see in Myra was a significant port city in southwest Asia Minor during his ministry, and so a town that connected with migrants by sea on a regular basis. 

This order of service, as provided, presumes you may observe Global Migration Sunday on Sunday morning as your regular worship service. You may find in your context a more impactful way to give emphasis to our calling to be in ministry with migrants, immigrants, and refugees would be to participate in or host this service, or one adapted from it, in collaboration with other churches in your area at a later time (afternoon or evening) either today or another Sunday during Advent.


A Child’s Prayer:

Loving God,
whose light brings hope to the world,
send your Holy Spirit to show us your bright path of peace
and help us to walk in harmony with our neighbors from every nation
until we praise you with all earthly pilgrims in your heavenly Kingdom,
through Jesus Christ, our risen Lord. Amen.


Service order and prayers not otherwise attributed by Taylor Burton-Edwards.
Advent Wreath litany by Beth Richardson and Taylor Burton-Edwards.
Prayer for Illumination (#1) by Rosanna Anderson.
Music Notes by Jackson Henry and Taylor Burton-Edwards.
Planning Notes by Taylor Burton-Edwards.

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