Global Migration Sunday Luncheon Program

Advent 1 | December 3, 2017

Gather your congregation for an intergenerational lunch on Global Migration Sunday, December 3, 2017. This is a good time to celebrate and give thanks for migrants in your church, neighborhood, and wider community.

The Bible describes God’s people as a flock of sheep. Jesus is our Good Shepherd who guides us. Like Abraham and Sarah and the apostles, we are all migrants or pilgrims on a physical and spiritual journey in this life to our heavenly home. Christ calls us as disciples to reflect his light in our daily lives through acts of kindness.


The pastor could invite an adult or a family to talk about their migrations experiences. They could talk about ways that God has provided for their needs and has given them new opportunities.

Make arrangements for a simple lunch of soup, salads, or sandwiches. Take into consideration food allergies and what is feasible in your context. If your congregation has a ministry with migrants, offer food from their culture. This is an opportunity to collaborate

On the day of the lunch, place a Christ candle or an arrangement of candles on a prominent table.

Children and youth might enjoy a creative project such as coloring white world map placemats with crayons, or markers, or colored pencils.


Give thanks to God for the meal and time of fellowship with people of all ages. Praise God by singing a song about God’s light shining in the world. A song in another language would be appropriate.

Introduce the speaker(s) who will share reflections on their experiences.

If your church has a ministry with migrants, such as an English as a Second Language program, highlight it. Offer ways for people to sign up to help.

During the meal, people may enjoy talking about friendships or partnerships in ministry with migrants.

Concluding Prayer in Unison

Loving God, whose light brings hope to the world,
send your Holy Spirit to show us your bright path of peace
and help us to walk in harmony with our neighbors from every nation
until we praise you with all earthly pilgrims in your heavenly Kingdom,
through Jesus Christ, our risen Lord. Amen.