Giving Thanks for Fathers Near and Far

A 21st Century Worship Resource for Father's Day

Oh God, we thank you for fathers near
Fathers with strong arms
And fathers with feeble knees
Present at table and at bathtub and at bedtime for prayers.
Thank you, God, for fathers near.

We thank you, O God, for fathers far away
Fathers who ache for their families
Fathers absent because of war,
Or disease,
Or despair,
Fathers who are present and absent at the same time.
Thank you, God, for fathers far away.

We thank you, O God, for caring communities
Where mothers fill in for fathers
And fathers fill in for mothers

And grandparents put on the apron and the towel.
Where aunts and uncles, and those who are absolutely no kin at all
Make our communities a home
Fit for habitation.

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