Gillette, Carolyn Winfrey

Carolyn Winfrey GilletteCarolyn Winfrey Gillette has deep Methodist roots. She grew up in a Methodist family, and her father was a graduate of Drew Seminary. She was baptized and confirmed in Methodist congregations. She graduated from United Methodist Church-related Lebanon Valley College, and her parents continue to be active members of a United Methodist congregation in Hagerstown, Maryland. Carolyn received her M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1985. Carolyn's hymns have been sung by congregations in every state of the USA and in several other countries; they have been on national PBS-TV three times and the BBC-TV in the United Kingdom.

Noel Paul Stookey of, Peter, Paul and Mary, made a music video with Emmy winner Pete Staman of Carolyn's hymn, O God, Our Words Cannot Express, which was written on September 11. Her hymns are found on the national websites of the Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church, UMCOR, the Presbyterian Church (USA), American Baptist Churches, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Reformed Church in America, the Souper Bowl of Caring, the National Council of Churches, and Church World Service.

Carolyn's book Songs of Grace: New Hymns for God and Neighbor was published in 2009 by Upper Room Books. United Methodist Bishop William Boyd Grove and Carolyn were commissioned to write hymns for the inauguration services for Churches Uniting in Christ. Carolyn's book Gifts of Love: New Hymns for Today's Worship (Geneva Press, 2000) is a collection of forty-five of her hymns. Her hymns are also in the new supplements for the Episcopal and Presbyterian hymnals. The United Church of Canada's hymnal supplement (2007) will include six of Carolyn's hymns. The Circuit Rider, The Christian Century, The Presbyterian Outlook, Presbyterians Today, Horizons, Ideas! For Church Leaders, Church Society, and other magazines have published her hymns. Perform a search to view two of her anthems that were recently published by the Choristers Guild.

Carolyn was commissioned to write the lead article for the special issue on "Singing Our Lives" for Baylor University's Christian Reflection journal in 2006. Carolyn and her husband Bruce have been the co-pastors of Limestone Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware since August 2004. They had previously served as co-pastors in Pitman, New Jersey, for ten years. (Pitman started as a Methodist Camp Meeting, and it is where, In the Garden, was first sung.) They wrote the ecumenical guide for the popular Active Parenting Now (third edition) with Mary Jane Pierce Norton of The United Methodist Discipleship Ministries as a consultant. They wrote the study/action guide for Transforming Families and the Christian Family Week worship and educational resource for the Presbyterian Church (USA). They are the parents of three children (John, Catherine, and Sarah). Carolyn has led workshops around the country on hymns, church music, and family ministries.

Contact Information:

Carolyn Winfrey Gillette
Co-Pastor, Limestone Presbyterian Church
3201 Limestone Road
Wilmington, Delaware 19808-2198
Office Phone: 302-994-5646
Church website:
E-mail: [email protected]

Hymns by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette on the Discipleship Ministries Website:

  1. 335,609 (I Cried to God)
  2. A King Once Told His Servants
  3. A King Planned a Party
  4. A Man Owned a Vineyard
  5. A Pharisee Was Praying
  6. A Prophet Has a Lonely Task
  7. A Voice Was Heard in Ramah
  8. All of Life Is Filled with Wonder
  9. As Jesus Faced the Council
  10. At The Dawn Of Your Creation
  11. Christ, in Capernaum
  12. Christ, You Are the Savior
  13. Christ, You Teach Us of Your Kingdom
  14. Christ Would Not Cast the Judgment Stone
  15. Down by the Jordan
  16. The Earth Is the Lord's
  17. Father, Forgive Them
  18. God of All Learning
  19. God of Creation - Hymn after Hurricane Katrina
  20. God of Love, We've Heard the Teaching
  21. God of the Women
  22. God, Bless the Poet's Heart and Hand
  23. God, Each Day You Give Is Precious - Hymn for Organ and Tissue Donor Sunday/Donor Sabbath
  24. God, How Can We Comprehend?
  25. God, We've Known Such Grief and Anger
  26. God, We Have Heard It, Sounding in the Silence
  27. God, Whose Love Is Always Stronger
  28. God, With Joy We Look Around Us
  29. God, You Give Us Recreation - Hymn for Souper Bowl Sunday
  30. God Who Ordered All Creation
  31. Good Shepherd, We Are Not Alone
  32. Have the Mind That Was in Jesus
  33. How Can We Sing a Joyful Song?
  34. In Haiti There Is Anguish
  35. In Times of Great Decision (Gillette)
  36. In Times of Great Decision (Kleinheksel, Sr.)
  37. Jesus, We Know Your Love in This
  38. Jesus Asked One Day
  39. Jesus Sat and Watched the Crowd
  40. Listen, Sisters! Listen, Brothers!
  41. Long Ago, When Pharaoh's Daughter
  42. Lord, Hear the Cries of Children
  43. Lord, Let Your Servant Go in Peace
  44. Lord, You Are My Shepherd
  45. Lord, You Teach Us to Be Humble
  46. Lord, When Were You in Prison?
  47. O Christ, When You Ascended
  48. O God of Light, May Our Light Shine
  49. O God Of Mighty Wind And Flame
  50. O God, Be Merciful To Me
  51. O God, Come Sunday Morning
  52. O God, Creator of All Things
  53. O God, From Our Working You Call Us Away
  54. O God, Our Hearts Were Shattered
  55. O God, That Great Tsunami
  56. O God, the Things That Make for Peace
  57. O God, We Yearn for Safety
  58. O God, We've Prayed in Wind and Rain
  59. O God, Who Formed Creation
  60. O God, You Call for Justice
  61. O God, You Give Welcome
  62. O God, You Love the Needy
  63. O God, You Send Us Out To Walk
  64. O God, Your Creatures Fill the Earth
  65. O Jesus, You Were Born To Be
  66. O Jesus, You Were Born To Be (Text Notes)
  67. O Teacher, Don't You Care?
  68. On the Beach, the Waves of Waters
  69. Once a Father Told His Children
  70. Once a Woman Seeking Water
  71. One Day the News Was Grim
  72. Our Lord, You Stood In Pilate's Hall
  73. Peter Said, 'I'm Going Fishing'
  74. Perhaps You Have Been Chosen
  75. A Prayer for Our Children
  76. Remember There Was Once a Day
  77. Ten Bridesmaids Waited for the Time
  78. The Children Come
  79. The Love of Christ Jesus Is Urging Us On
  80. The Peace that We Share
  81. The Persian King Was Angry
  82. To What Can the Kingdom of God be Compared?
  83. We Love To Sound Your Praises
  84. "We Played the Flute!" The Children Said
  85. We Pray for Youth We Dearly Love
  86. What a Joy, this Habitation!
  87. Whatever You Do
  88. When Christ Went to the Temple
  89. When Jesus Called You Father
  90. When Mary Poured a Rich Perfume Based on John 12:1-9
  91. When Thomas Heard from Jesus
  92. When Waters Roar and Foam
  93. Where Is Bread?
  94. Who Is My Neighbor?
  95. You Have Searched Me, Lord, and Known Me
  96. You Made Us in Your Image
  97. Young Joseph the Dreamer
  98. Zacchaeus Was a Tax Man
  99. We Join in Proclaiming

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