Generosity Resources for Children, Youth, Families & Intergenerational Ministries

by Rev. Rosanna Anderson

Sunday School Ministries and Church–Wide Service Projects

Let the Children Give: Time, Talents, Love, and Money by Delia Halverson (Discipleship Resources, 2007)

Intergenerational Caring Ministries with Families and Older Adults: “A Community of Faith United by the Holy Spirit, Our Advocate” by Rosanna Anderson

Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool (Birth through Age 5)

Little Critter Inspired Kids series by Mercer Meyer: Being Thankful and You Go First (Tommy Nelson books)

Berenstain Bears series by Stan and Jan Berenstain and son Mike Berenstain, in the Living Lights series of ZonderKidz: Piggy Bank Blessings and Kindness Counts and Learn to Share and Trouble with Commercials and Trouble with Things and Love Their Neighbors and The Golden Rule.


Junior’s Adventures series by Dave Ramsey: The Big Birthday Surprise [Giving] and The Super Red Racer [Work] and Careless at the Carnival [Spending] and My Fantastic Field Trip [Saving] and Battle of the Chores [Debt] and The Big Payoff [Integrity] (Ramsey Press, The Lampo Group, Inc., 2015)

Stu Bear: A Story About Stewardship for Young Children by Lynn Williamson (1995) Discounts are available when purchasing 10 or more copies. Call ESC at 855-278-4ESC (4372) for more information.

VeggieTales series of books and DVDs. Madam Blueberry: A Lesson in Thankfulness and Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier, a Lesson in the Power of Sharing and God Wants Us to Make Good Choices and many Christmas specials.

Optional clear plastic “Smart Saver Bank” for kids, ages 3-12, at

My Gratitude Journal (Mirabell Publishing, 2013),

Vacation Bible School special ministry project

Creative giving cards and educational videos provided by “ZOE: Helping Children Help Themselves, a United Methodist ministry with children in poverty,

Confirmation, Middle School, High School

Growing Up Generous: Engaging Youth in Giving and Serving by Eugene C. Roehlkepartain, Elanah Dalyah Naftali and Laura Musegades (Alban Institute, 2000),

Money Sanity Solutions: Linking Money and Meaning by Nathan Dungan (Share, Save, Spend, 2010),

Optional “Share, Save, Spend” Bank for ages 10 through 18 at

Let middle school and high school students choose and decorate their Gratitude Journal.

Youth with Mentors/Prayer Friends/Parents, Midweek Dinner Conversations

Mind Your Money: One Hundred Discussion Starters to Get You Thinking and Talking About Your Money (Share, Save, Spend, 2007).

Ignite Your Generosity: A 21-Day Experience in Stewardship by Chris McDaniel (InterVarsity Press, 2015).

Advent Series with Generosity Themes

Finding Bethlehem in the Midst of Bedlam by James W. Moore (Abingdon, 2004) with age-specific books and activities for children and youth,

Book Review by Rosanna Anderson,

The Redemption of Scrooge by Matt Rawle (Abingdon, 2016) for adults,; and The Redemption of Scrooge: Youth Study Book,

Book Review by Rosanna Anderson,

Adult Sunday School, Parent Ministries, or Small Groups

Facing Financial Struggle: 28 Days of Prayer by Wessel Bentley (Upper Room Books, 2010),

Book Review by Rosanna Anderson,

Making Grateful Kids: The Science of Building Character by Jeffrey J. Froh and Giacomo Bono (Templeton Press, 2014), It includes suggestions for activities, conversations, and practices at home.

Book Review by Rosanna Anderson,

Raising Financially Freed-Up Kids: Teaching Responsibility at Every Age by David Briggs, published by Good $ense Movement, Willow Creek Community Church, 2010,

Book Review by Rosanna Anderson,

The Year Without a Purchase: One Family’s Quest to Stop Shopping and Start Connecting by Scott Dannemiller (Westminster John Knox Press, 2015),

Book Review by Rosanna Anderson,

Giving 2.0: Transform Your Giving and Our World by Laura Arrillaga-Andreesson (Jossey-Bass, 2012), It has ideas for engaging kids in family generosity opportunities.

Book Review by Rosanna Anderson,

Giving Together: A Stewardship Guide for Families by Carol A. Wehrheim (WJK Press, 2004),

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