Garnaas-Holmes, Steve

The Rev. Steve Garnaas-Holmes is a poet, composer, and pastor of St. Matthew's UMC in Acton, MA. He has also served in New Hampshire and Montana.

He writes music and liturgical materials for his congregation's worship: songs, hymns, service music, anthems, prayers, creeds, Eucharistic prayers, and so on. He is the author/composer of several pieces in The United Methodist Book of Worship, The Faith We Sing, Worship & Song, and several articles on the Discipleship Ministries website.

He is also writes and performs with the Montana Logging and Ballet Company, a quartet that has been performing music and comedy around the country, and occasionally on NPR, since 1975. They've appeared at many annual and General Conferences. He produces a daily e-mail reflection called, Unfolding Light.

Contact Information:
The Rev. Steve Garnaas-Holmes
St. Matthew's United Methodist Church
435 Central St.
Acton, MA 01720
[email protected]


Works by Steve Garnaas-Holmes on the Discipleship Ministries Worship Website:


  1. Adorning Your House, God - Hanging of the Greens Hymn
  2. Affirmations of Faith
  3. Awaken Us, God - seven Advent and three Christmas responsorial verses
  4. Bring a Torch - Communion Responses
  5. Communion Music for Advent
  6. Communion Music for Christmas
  7. Conflict in the Quadrilateral (article)
  8. God Language (article)
  9. Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine - Communion Responses
  10. Resurrection Light- Transfiguration Sunday Hymn
  11. Spirit of God, The Faith We Sing, No. 2117 - Composer's Hymn Interpretation (article)
  12. Sussex Carol - Communion Responses

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