From Chaos to Community — Series Overview

Post-Pentecost Worship Series

From Chaos to Community Series

We’ve spent the past five months focused on the basic ministries of evangelism, forming people to live the way of Jesus, deepening our connection to the mysteries of ministry and the sacraments, and helping people discover their gifts and calling and, on Pentecost, commissioning them into ministry in Christ’s name and the Spirit’s power.

Now the long season after Pentecost, the season of putting our ministries into practice, begins.

We begin this season with a series that reminds us that the trajectory of our ministries mirrors the trajectory of some of the most pressure-packed passages of our lives, those moments of transition where our lives and our relationships can no longer be what they were before.

These moments are of a piece with our own baptisms. We enter the water unclean. We emerge from it cleansed. We enter the water under sin’s sway. We emerge from it dead to sin and alive to God in Jesus Christ our Lord. We enter the water born into biological or adoptive families. We emerge from it born anew into the body of Christ. We enter into the chaos of the water mirroring the chaos of the world and of our own hearts. We emerge from it in communion with God and one of many others among whom we will keep learning how God converts our human chaos into God’s blessed community.

Each reading in our opening series, as well as the sweep of these readings, captures this movement from chaos to community through moments of transition in creation (week 1) and in the life of Abraham’s family (weeks 2-5), moments that are mirrored in some way in most of our lives as well. We start here because our ministries will often happen in the context of such transitions in the lives of others and our own lives. We start here to be reminded that such transitions happen all across our lifespans. We start here to give encouragement and grounding.

And we start here to underscore and underscore again that the trajectory of our ministries, whether we are just now taking them up or have been at them for decades, consistently moves from chaos to community.

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June 11: Creation (Trinity Sunday/Peace with Justice Sunday)

June 18: Birth (Father's Day/Communion Sunday)

June 25: Weaning

July 2: Rites of Passage

July 9: Legacy (Communion Sunday)


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