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Church Planting Foundations

Often people ask those of us involved in starting new congregations why we do what we do and why they should care.

Biblical Foundations

We are to be obedient to Christ’s command in Matthew 28:18-20 and the vision of Acts 1:8. Learn more about Biblical Foundations »

Theological Foundations

United Methodists inherited a church planting ethic from John Wesley, our founder, who tirelessly started new places for new people. Learn more about Theological Foundations »

Statistical Foundations

The U.S. is the third largest mission field in the world. Long-established congregations alone can’t reach the new generations of people, keep up with population growth or reach our shifting population and changing demographics. Learn more about Statistical Foundations »

Behavioral Foundations

In any healthy church multiplication system, certain foundational behaviors influence every turn, as we find leaders, equip for effectiveness, plant and multiply.

All vibrant movements of new church development have included a corresponding movement of prayer and an outpouring of God’s presence and power. We recognize church planting as an act of God, through human beings. Effective planters, launch teams, conference lead teams and cabinets undergird their church planting decisions and efforts in prayer. We invite you to support new church starts through the Path 1 Prayer Network.

We plant new churches to reach persons who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ or those who presently are outside the Church. Our biblical mandate is clear and our Wesleyan heritage grows from that calling.

Connection-Based Collaboration and Teamwork
Church planting is never solo work. It is “team” from start to finish. A connectional church works together at every level in missional partnership. We encourage you to join the movement of God already in progress, as partners on this journey.

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