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NEW! Resources for Hispanic/Latino Church Planting Ministries

The U.S. Census projects the Hispanic population of the United States as of April 1, 2010, making people of Hispanic origin the nation's largest ethnic or race minority (source: American FactFinder: United States DP-1). Hispanics constituted 16.3 percent of the nation's total population. The Hispanic population increased 43% between April 1, 2000, and April 1, 2010, making Hispanics the fastest-growing minority group (source: The Hispanic Population: 2010 census brief).

Path 1, working in partnership with the National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministries, has developed several new resources to assist those with an interest in planting new ministries with Hispanic/Latino persons.

For Congregations: Pentecost Journey (DVD resource)

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Pentecost Journey: A Planning Guide for Non-Hispanic/Latino Congregations, written by Marigene Chamberlain and Melanie Lee Carey, helps churches develop comprehensive ministry plans that honor the uniqueness of the Hispanic/Latino cultures while considering the intercultural context of ministry in the United States. Video testimonials on the DVD provide opportunities to engage in conversation and hear from people whose lives have changed through the ministry of The United Methodist Church. View a sample video.

Enhance your community's congregational song through http://cantometodista.com/. The fully bilingual site will help you will find recordings, accompaniment tracks, scores, articles and much more. Sponsored by the National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry of The United Methodist Church and the Global Praise Program of the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church.

For Annual Conferences: Consultation and Strategic Documents

To explore Hispanic/Latino church planting in your area, please contact Sam Rodriguez, Director of Hispanic/Latino New Church Starts.

These resources may be helpful in getting you started:

Hispanic/Latino Church Planting Best Practices

Recruiting Hispanic/Latino Planters

Shared Facilities Presentation

Lay Missionary Planting Network Grant Application

Think you might be called to be a church planter? Check out these resources:

"Am I a Planter?" Quiz (Spanish)

Spiritual Gifts Assessment (Spanish)

High-Potential Planter Traits (Spanish)

7 Seasons of Planting New Churches (Spanish)

Lay Missionary Planting Network Flyer (Spanish)

Lay Missionary Planting Network Video (Spanish)

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