Fifth Sunday of Easter — Order of Worship

May 14, 2017 (Year A) | Becoming One With Christ

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(Mother's Day/Festival of the Christian Home/Christian Home Month)

Replace the pulpit with a dining table for this service. If the pulpit is attached and to the side, place the dining table center stage, but not obstructing the Lord’s Table at some distance behind it. Read and preach from the table, leaving the center seat (facing the congregation) open.


“Big House”                                                              CCLI # 1414735
“Love Has Come”                                                     CCLI # 5423196


“And Can It Be”                                                        United Methodist Hymnal (UMH) 363
“Abide with Me” (st. 1, 3, 5)                                     UMH 700

During the singing of the second song or the third stanza of “Abide with Me,” a group of people come and take seats at the dining table. A cross is placed at the center seat (facing the congregation).

During the final chorus of “Love Has Come” or the final stanza of “Abide with Me,” one person leaves the table and walks out of the worship space. Shortly after that, another looks shocked, then sad, then places his/her head on the table. A deacon or the pastor approaches the table, and opens the Bible, preparing to start the reading. The reader looks first at the distraught person at the table, then at all the others gathered there, then begins the reading.



Reading                                                                    John 14:1-3

Song Reprise
          “Love Has Come” (chorus-- slowly/acoustic) OR
          “Abide with Me” (tune only, no words)

During the song, all others leave the table. The pastor takes a seat to one side of the cross to offer the sermon.        

Sermon                                                                      Becoming… One With Christ

Prayers of the People

“Who Is My Mother, Who Is My Brother,” st. 1     The Faith We Sing, 2225

Deacon, Pastor, or Worship Leader:
Made one by Christ, with Christ, and in Christ, let us pray for the church and the world.

For the whole household of faith, in all the many rooms of your dwelling place, O God, that we may love, respect, and work with one another as you have loved us.
Especially, we pray for…

“Who Is My Mother, Who Is My Brother,” st. 2     TFWS 2225

Deacon, Pastor, or Worship Leader:
With people of every ability and disability, insiders and outcasts, faithful and faithless,
that your redeeming love may be known to and through all of us.
Especially, we pray for…

Who Is My Mother, Who Is My Brother,” st. 3    TFWS 2225

Deacon, Pastor, or Worship Leader:
In sickness and in health, in poverty or abundance, in oppression or in freedom, in giving birth and ending our days,
be our deliverer. Heal, supply, defend, and receive us.
Especially, we pray for…

Who Is My Mother, Who Is My Brother,” st. 4    TFWS 2225

Deacon, Pastor, or Worship Leader:
With all our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers in Christ, especially in this congregation,
that we may continue to do all in our power to increase each other’s faith, confirm our hope in you, and become perfected in love.

Through Jesus Christ, who unites us to pray:

The Lord’s Prayer (in your first language)


If not celebrating communion:

Deacon or Pastor:
Christ our Lord does more than invite us.
He prepares a place for all who commit their way to him,

and comes to take us to himself,
so where he is, we may be also.

We do not make ourselves one with Christ.
Christ does.

So let us offer our thanks and our gifts with praise.

Offertory Music
            “Christ Is Risen”                                                    CCLI# 5242683 OR
            “Blessed Assurance”                                              UMH 369

OR If celebrating Communion

Invitation, Confession, Pardon, Peace, and Offering       UMH 6-8

Offertory Music: A Mother Lined a Basket                     TFWS 2189

The Great Thanksgiving                                                BOW 66-67 (omit Lord’s Prayer)

Music During Communion

            “Mystery of Faith”                                                CCLI# 6256764 OR          
            “Nearer, My God, to Thee”                                   UMH 528
            “Lord, We Come to Ask Your Blessing”              TFWS 2230         

Thanksgiving after Communion                                    UMH 11



Deacon or Pastor
Christ gathers us to himself
knowing our betrayal and denial.

Christ speaks into our hearts
knowing our confusion, trouble, and shame.

Christ sends us, even us,
into the world to represent him,
because he knows something more,

and we must know it, too.
He has made us one with him.

So go in peace, strength and courage,
united with the Risen Christ. Alleluia! Alleluia!
Thanks be to God. Alleluia! Alleluia!

Reprise:         “Love Has Come” OR
                      “Blessed Assurance”

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