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Family Ministries Guidelines 2017-2020 Cover

The family is the primary center of faith formation, especially for children. Our affirmation for families asserts that families of all sizes and configurations are communities of commitment whose goal is human growth and faith development. Your job is to work with other leaders in the congregation to plan and implement ministry in order to fulfill the church’s mission of helping all persons become disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Also, you address the needs of the families in your church and community so that all may grow in the Christian faith. These Guidelines is designed to help equip you in leading this ministry group in your congregation. These additional resources are referenced in the booklet. 

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Family Ministries Survey

[Guidelines, pages 12 & 14]
All families need guidance and support to become centers of faith formation and to achieve a better physical, emotional, and spiritual quality of life. To discover what families need, survey the families of your congregation.

DOWNLOAD the Sample Family Ministries Survey [PDF]

Family Ministries Planning Grid

[Guidelines, pages 14 & 19]
The “Planning Grid: Family Ministries” includes important information about goal setting. As you plan your ministry with your family ministry team, it is important to identify the results you hope to see and the strategies that will help you achieve those results. 

DOWNLOAD the Family Ministry Planning Grid [PDF]

Christian Home Month resources

[Guidelines, page 15]

Family Ministry Evaluation Form

[Guidelines, page 19]
The sample evaluation form is a feedback device to help you evaluate your ministries.

DOWNLOAD the Sample Family Ministry Evaluation Form [PDF]

Living with the Holy: Creating Liturgical practice for faith formation

[Guidelines, page 24]


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