Extend a Hand: A Meditation for World Communion Sunday (Based on Luke 17:5)

by Safiyah Fosua

If I really had faith the size of a mustard seed,
What would I do?

Would I wave a hand to hurl Mount Kilimanjaro into Lake Victoria
Just to prove that I could?

If I really had mustard-seed faith, what would I do?

Would I start by extending a hand of peace
To the church across the street
Whose sign says something different from mine?

Would I start by extending a hand of peace
To the Ol' G that terrorizes the old people down the street?
Or to the grizzled homeless man who sits on the corner with a sign?

Would I start by extending my hand of peace
To those who brawl on schoolyards
And to those who brawl on battlefields
In search of a future with hope?

Maybe I could begin by just taking my hand of peace
Out of its hiding place
Long before the moment
That I cup my hands to receive Communion.

O, Lord, Increase our faith!

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