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Essential Communication Skills for Powerful Relationships

A New Online Relationship Education/Enrichment Program
Developed and produced by Christiaan and Tineke Baas

This uniquely appealing and well-grounded online workshop offers about an hour of video mini-lectures on communication, providing clear directions for sending clear messages, listening to understand, and making effective agreements once both parties feel they have been fully heard. The lectures succinctly describe research-based techniques; downloadable PDFs provide guidance for applying them; reflection exercises and assignments offer opportunities to process and practice; and the presenters delightfully model how to use them effectively. I highly recommend this resource both for people new to relationship education and enrichment and also for those with experience who would like to review and strengthen their understanding and practice of effective communication skills. See the course description and access it at a special discount »

Christiaan and Tineke Baas were trained through Relationship Enrichment by Applying Preventive Principles (REAPP) and serve as REAPP coordinators for South Africa. This program was developed by United Methodists Keith and Marilynn Hamilton, trained by the Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment (now operating under the name Better Marriages), who created and taught marriage enrichment and relationship education courses based on the work of David and Vera Mace. The REAPP courses incorporate biblical principles and training in effective communication and the creative use of conflict. Although the Hamiltons are now deceased, couples trained by them carry on this ministry in many different countries and languages, primarily through a ministry known as Youth With a Mission (YWAM).

YWAM is an interdenominational, intercultural organization that operates in 180 countries, with 1100 local expressions and about 18,000 full-time staff. Its mission is “To know God and to make Him known.” Its ministries focus on evangelism, training, and mercy ministries. Youth With a Mission Family Ministries International (founded on the belief that transformed families can transform nations, offers training, resources, and networking “to disciple families with biblical principles for life and relationships, so that they may be transformed and become agents of transformation – expanding God’s kingdom and bringing His blessings to the nations.”

Christiaan and Tineke Baas have led workshops and trained other facilitators since 2009 in South Africa, Uganda, Togo, Swaziland, and the Netherlands, with participants coming from many other nations. By putting part of the workshop online, they hope to reach more of the younger generation, who may be more comfortable with technology. By signing up for this course, you support their ministry to families in Africa. You can learn more about their ministry by visiting https://www.familybase.org/ and https://facebook.com/FamilyBase.


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