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Effective Teaching for Transformation: Workshops for New Teachers

This series of teacher training workshops is intended mainly for beginning teachers or small group leaders, though more experienced teachers and leaders will benefit from it. In a group that includes beginning and more experienced teachers, you may want to encourage participants to help each other.

Time Frame and Setting
These teacher training workshops can be used in a three-day retreat format or it can be separated into six self-contained shorter training sessions. The individual modules are designed for about three hours. Use the format and setting that is the most cost efficient and convenient to participants. It will work well either way. If the sessions are taught as individual workshops, it would be best to try to keep some continuity by scheduling a module once a month, if possible, so that each module provides a foundation for what comes after.

The suggested time for each activity is indicated, but that is just an estimate. Take the time you need. Students with limited reading ability or education may need longer than a group that is more advanced.

There is a Demonstration Workshop PDF, which pulls activities from each of the modules for a "taste and see" approach. This workshop will introduce the series, and it is also three hours.

These are low-tech workshops with no particular equipment needs (except, perhaps, a sound system). The main, and necessary, expense will be in copying the handouts for each person. Other materials will probably be free, inexpensive, or not mandatory.

Some of the handouts are used in more than one session but need to be copied only once if participants received them in a prior workshop. Those handouts will be indentified.

There will also be an expense for whatever food and drink you serve.

Things to Do in Advance Preparation

  1. Publicize by email, letter, word of mouth, or whatever other ways work for you. It is best to publicize in as many ways as possible.
  2. Encourage church leaders to identify participants and to find a way to make their participation possible.
  3. Assemble all the needed materials (see below for the Materials List).
  4. Arrange for a place to host the workshop. Ideally, there will be ample room for tables and chairs with room to move around. Be sure there is good lighting, ventilation, and climate control.
  5. Plan for hospitality needs—food and drink, name tags, signs posted at the site to direct people to the meeting space and rest rooms.
  6. Notify participants to bring their Bibles, a notebook of some kind, and one or two pencils or pens.
  7. None of the sessions include opening or closing devotions; you may wish to add them.

Materials List

  1. Bible
  2. Hymnals
  3. Handouts (some to be downloaded) are included at the end of each module
  4. Art supplies
  5. Large self-stick notes or index cards
  6. Newsprint or whiteboard, markers, and tape
  7. Curriculum samples (published or created)
  8. Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church (for the leader)

Notes to the Instructor

  1. The different activities are numbered, are in bold print, and include a suggested time, for example [10 minutes].
  2. The various steps within an activity are marked with this bullet.
  3. The sidebar information in regular type is added information that you may want to share in the activity.
  4. The sidebar comments to you are in italics. In most cases, instructions are written to you, though for the sake of ease, some will be written as addressed to the participant.

Module 1: "Who Do You Say That I Am?"
Recruit new teachers and leaders in an affirming, purposeful way that channels doubts into a sense of calling and improvement.

The following handouts are included at the end of the module:

  1. But the Seraphim Didn’t Volunteer
  2. Statements From Foundations and the Book of Discipline
  3. Identifying the Formation of Disciples (Fishbone Diagram)
  4. Comprehensive Plan for Teacher Development (download from /lead-your-church/christian-education)
  5. Characteristics of the Teacher
  6. Assessment Tool

Module 2: "If You Intend to Build the Tower, First Estimate the Cost"
It's not so much what you will teach but how you will plan.

The following handouts are included at the end of the module:

  1. Seven "Smarts" mini-posters
  2. Multiple Intelligence inventory (search and download from the web)
  3. Overview of the Eight Core Intelligences
  4. Learning Hooks
  5. Comprehensive Plan for Teacher Development (also Module 1)
  6. Using the Plan

Module 3: "If Anyone Is in Christ, There Is a New Creation"
Teach to inform sopeople may be formed and transformed in Christ.

The following handouts are included at the end of the module:

  1. People pictures (assemble pictures from magazines, newspaper, etc)
  2. How Is It Transformational?
  3. Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers

Module 4: "Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly"
Recognize your need as teacher to remain a lifelong student studying for deeper understanding of scripture.

The following handouts are included at the end of the module:

  1. Me? A Theologian?
  2. Doctrine of Scripture
  3. UM Specifics
  4. Spiritual Practices Through Multiple Intelligences

Module 5: "When Your Children Ask You in Time to Come, 'What?'"
As the teacher, you're seven times more important than the curriculum.

The following handouts are included at the end of the module:

  1. Deuteronomy 6
  2. Key Questions for Lesson Development
  3. Teacher Tips: Teaching and Learning Ideas
  4. Curriculum Selection and Adaptation
  5. Adapting Lessons / Church Profiles

Module 6: "Speaking the Truth in Love, We Must Grow Up in Every Way"
Our life lens affects how we see God and scripture.

The following handouts are included at the end of the module:

  1. Doctrine of Scripture (also Module 4)
  2. Faith Meets Life > Life Meets Faith
  3. Deepening Your Effectiveness chart
  4. Development of Faith Formation and Discipleship
  5. Development Through the Life Span

Want to download the modules to a CD? Download the Effective Teaching for Transformation CD Cover