Easter Sunrise — Order of Worship

April 16, 2017 (Year A) | Holy Week: Through Death to Life Worship Series

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The service begins outdoors, weather permitting.
Light a large bonfire and gather around it for this service. Place a font near the fire. For larger gatherings, place multiple fonts around the fire.  If weather does not permit, consider gathering in a narthex or fellowship hall for the opening of this service, but in view of a tended bonfire, if at all possible.

“Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone”                Worship & Song, 3104, st 1, chorus 2x
“Amazing Grace”                                                    United Methodist Hymnal, 378, st 1

Reading                                                                    Ezekiel 37:3-14

“Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone”                W&S, 3104, using words from
                                                                                 UMH 378, st 3
“Amazing Grace”                                                    UMH 378, st 3

WORD AND RESPONSE                                               

Easter Proclamation 3X
Pastor or Worship Leader: Alleluia! Christ is risen!
All: The Lord is risen indeed, Alleluia!

Reading                                                                   Romans 6:3-11

“Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone”               W&S, 3104, chorus

Sermon (Brief)                                                        Earthquake!

Reaffirmation of Baptism                                       New Reaffirmation (Spanish)
Baptism                                                                   Baptismal Covenant 1
                                                                                New Baptism
Music during Reaffirmation
            “Baptized in Water”                                             The Faith We Sing, 2248
            “We Were Baptized in Christ Jesus”                    The Faith We Sing, 2251
            “Christ Has Risen”                                               The Faith We Sing, 2115


“The Easter Song”                                                  Worship & Song, 3090                                                      

Reading                                                                   Matthew 28:1-10

The Easter Song                                                      W&S 3090 (“Joy to the World” 2x)

Deacon or Worship Leader:
Go in peace to love and serve the Risen Lord. Alleluia. Alleluia!
People: Thanks be to God. Alleluia! Alleluia!

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