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Easter Sunday Prayer

Lord, in the grips of his mystic vision Aquinas said, “All my best thoughts have been turned to straw!”
Lord, we behold you rise and the world becomes a screen upon which we see all good things coming back to life.
And our thoughts turn to straw.
Our words melt like wax.
Our lives become too small to hold the water of life you pour from a thousand celestial seas.
And so we cling to a few details we can comprehend.
The faithfulness of a few women. The testimony of two angels.
A dead man who eats bread and fish and whose wounds no longer kill.
But, Lord, even in these details you rise to reveal yourself and speak to us.
You say, “Fear not.” You say, “Have faith.” You say, “My Spirit shall come.”
You say, “Lives broken upon crosses are made new.”
Lord, in peace you kiss us on the cheek as the Easter sun rises, and you grant us again your vision:
There is a life that can raise our entombed world from its grave.

By Robert P. Fugarino. © 2015 Alive Now. Permission granted to use in corporate worship.