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Crumbs ("I'm Hungry")

By Kenneth Morrison
Unison Choir or Solo Song lead sheet
Scripture Reference: Mark 7:24-29; Matthew 15:21-28
Themes: Social Justice, Evangelism, Outreach, Strangers, Seekers, Loneliness, Outcast
Seasons/Sundays: Any Sunday when the focus is on being inclusive

Kenneth Morrison writes: "This song explores what it feels like to be on the outside looking in. The Syrophonecian woman just wanted crumbs from the table of Jesus and his disciples. The newcomer to church feels like a stranger looking in, finds customs and traditions strange, and wonders if it is possible to fit in. This song was written for my last sermon while on staff at Light of Christ United Methodist Church in Charlotte, NC, in 2003. I learned much from the congregation's emphasis on evangelism and their sensitivity to persons who, though spiritual seekers, were uncomfortable with traditional church behavior and language. The biblical text is very important to the construct of the lyrics." For sheet music to parts heard on the recording, contact Ken Morrison by e-mail: [email protected].

"Crumbs" (pdf)

"Crumbs" (mp3)

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