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Fred CriderThe Rev. Dr. R. Frederick (Fred) Crider, Jr. is a retired United Methodist pastor who lives in Timonium, Maryland, with his wife Diane, who is likewise a retired United Methodist Church elder. They delight in visiting and helping out with four children and seven grandchildren.

In addition, they enjoy temporary pastoral and preaching opportunities, travel, and volunteering for tutoring and mission team trips. Fred also enjoys golf and keeping an old British roadster running (1959 Austin-Healey "Bugeye" Sprite).

Fred’s interest in writing hymn texts began during his 43 years in parish ministry (in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and primarily, Maryland), often in response to the lack of an appropriate text for a sermon or worship theme, such as Transfiguration. In retirement, inspiration for texts come from the sermons at his new church home (Towson UMC), the texts and tunes selected for the chancel choir (in which he sings), his own Wesleyan theology (especially grace, the cross and Resurrection), observations and reflections on people he knows, and society at large.

A recurring theme in many of his texts is Fred's understanding of how faith and daily living relate, which is, again, very Wesleyan: "Warmed hearts, and helping hands." Response to God's grace in Christ begins with praise, but lest that become hollow, must then be enacted in our lives, both in direct, face-to-face care and service to persons, and by attempting to influence the rather faceless social institutions and systems, which also end up impacting individual children of God.

Fred says, "I learned much about the incredible variety of Christian hymnody from the congregations I grew up in (EUB and Mennonite), and those I was privileged to pastor: rural, inner-city, African-American, town and suburb. God must love a splendid diversity of praise!"


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R. Frederick Crider, Jr.
212 Gateswood Rd.
Timonium, MD 21093-5245


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