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Connectional Partners

At Path 1, we work within the United Methodist connection to...

  • Seek always to plant new churches with strong connectional partnerships
  • Develop training systems for potential planters in new church development and multiplication, including regional United Methodist planter boot camps and Lay Missionary Planting Networks
  • Work with other adjacent churches to help them thrive, but do not allow existing churches to block new church development
  • Teach principles of multiplication in all areas of church life, especially with potential partner churches
  • Work with cabinets to encourage placement of potential planters in mentoring opportunities with highly effective churches and new church starts prior to appointing folks to lead new church initiative

Connectional Partners multiply their ministries by providing some sort of stability to a new church start. Here are some ways your congregation may be called to partner for multiplication:

  • God calls new church start missionaries from your church to help plant in your annual conference or somewhere else in the U.S. The connectional partner mentors, sends and supports these missionaries.
  • Sponsor a new church start missionary or project in your area or in another area of the country.
  • Provide a launch team of spiritual leaders for a new church start in your area.
  • Collaborate with multiple partner churches in providing workers, meeting space, funds, and oversight for a new church start.
  • Start house churches that multiply.
  • Expand current mission and ministry on multiple sites that reach new people.
  • Serve as an on-the-job training site for high potential missionaries and/or their launch teams.

Want to talk more about what planting partnership takes and what it means? Contact us.