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Connect with God: Bless Each Other

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As you Connect with God through prayer make plans with your family to:

By connecting to God on a regular basis you will be strengthening your faith together as you remember and celebrate that God is always with you—no matter what.

Bless Each other (Giving Thanks, Celebrating, and praying for each other)

Monthly Blessing for families

Make the shape of a cross on your family member’s forehead or hand while saying these words

  • (make a vertical line) God loves you
  • (Make a horizontal line) God’s with you
  • (look your family member in his/her eyes) God listens when you pray
  • Hug your family member) I am grateful for you.

Monthly Milestone Celebration: Losing a tooth

  • When your child loses a tooth, take a picture of his/her new smile. Celebrate that your child is growing/changing. Ask if it feels different. Ask your child what he/she would like to do with the tooth. Your child might choose to bury the tooth instead of throwing it away. You might want to have a special celebration over a meal or a favorite family activity. Say this prayer with your child and the rest of your family honoring this milestone.

  • Lord, We are changing every day. Today [insert name] lost [his/her] tooth. This is a sign that we are growing. As we grow you guide us in love. As the new tooth grows help [insert name] remember that you are with him/her. Help us as we grow to be more like you. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen.

  • The tooth fairy has become a US tradition and ritual for celebrating the loss of a tooth. While this continues to be a time honored ritual for some families it is important to recognize how the tradition of the tooth fairy can lead children to focus on money and what they receive when they lose a tooth instead of paying attention to a holy moment where a family can recognize and celebrate all that God has, is, and promises to do in their lives. While some families might choose to continue with the tooth fairy tradition- families might consider asking the child to tithe part of their gift- choosing a faith based organization to give 10% (or more) of what they receive to an organization of their choice.


* Tanya Eustace is an ordained deacon in the Rio Texas Conference and serves as the Director of Children and Intergenerational Ministries at Discipleship Ministries. She recently completed her doctorate of philosophy in Christian education and congregational studies at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary. She has 17 years of experience as Christian Educator and Minister to Children and Families in the local church. She is also certified in music ministry.

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