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Toolbox: Connect to God through Prayer

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Prayer is one tool that we can use as we participate in the means of grace, loving God and loving neighbor. Through prayer we say to God:

“This is important, I want to be in relationship and communication with you.”

Prayer provides one tool that we use to engage in relationship with our Creator. Every person learns, develops, and sharpens this spiritual tools by observing and learning from others and by practicing this discipline over and over again. With repetition and dedication prayer provides reliable ways for us to recognize, reflect, claim, and respond to God’s presence and love.

As you Connect with God through prayer make plans with your family to:


* Tanya Eustace is an ordained deacon in the Rio Texas Conference and serves as the Director of Children and Intergenerational Ministries at Discipleship Ministries. She recently completed her doctorate of philosophy in Christian education and congregational studies at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary. She has 17 years of experience as Christian Educator and Minister to Children and Families in the local church. She is also certified in music ministry.