Congregations as Discipling Communities



Join Our Guest Presenter Thomas Hawkins as we discuss:
"How can congregations create safe, open, and relational spaces where disciples at all stages of their faith journey can share experiences, work in relationships that emphasize care for others and for all God’s creation, and be continually introduced to new, transformative ways of loving, knowing, and serving God and neighbor?"

Sunday school classes and small groups have been the most utilized models for learning; yet the whole life of the congregation has much to offer. This webinar will focus on a model where people have access to each other’s lives in both formal and informal settings, a particular process or vehicle through which they learn together by engaging in shared practice, and through which they develop a common understanding of discipleship.

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Original Air Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Duration: 1 hour
Presenter: Thomas Hawkins
Contact for Information: Carol Krau,

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