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Come, People, Join to Sing

Words: By Ken Medema, 2014
Music: tune, FESTAL SONG, by William H. Walter, 1894

Singer, composer, song writer Ken Medema wrote this song at the start of 2014. He says, "I offer here a little hymn of gratitude for those church musicians who lead us week after week. I want it to be an expression of gratitude to all those folks out there who don't get enough thanks. You know my heart, you know that when I write something I consider it a gift from God and therefore a gift to the church. Sure it's nice to make money by what I do, but that is never the main reason to do it. I hope some music ministers get this sung for them, and I hope they understand just a little bit about how much they change the world." It could be appropriately sung on music or choir recognition Sunday or any Sunday when music or music leaders are celebrated. Ken Medema can be contacted through his Facebook page.

"Come, People, Join to Sing" -- (Sibelius)

"Come, People, Join to Sing" -- (pdf)