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Change: A Common Factor in Adulthood

Change: A Common Factor in Adulthood

Adults today are faced with enormous changes. Some of theose changes are outlined below. One of the roles of the church is to help adults come to terms with the changes in their lives.

Physiological Change: Change that affects appearance, reaction time, strength, recovery from fatigue and illness.

Social Change: Change experienced by the completion of education, the entry into the job market, marriage, parenthood, promotions, grandparenthood, divorce or widowhood, retirement.

Technological Change: The shift from rural to urban environment and the advent of new technologies have forced adults to learn new skills, adopt new modes of living, and take on new ways of learning and thinking.

Cultural Change: Changes produced as a result of new technologies and by the encounters among multiple cultures; changes in social norms and human values and behavior.

Spiritual Change: Changes that come about as a result of faith development and faith maturity.

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