Celebrating Women’s History Month #7

Mary Nelson Keithahn
by Dean McIntyre

Mary Nelson Keithahn is an ordained pastor in the United Church of Christ (UCC) as well as a certified church education specialist. She lives and works out of her home in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, in a variety of specialized ministries and as a free-lance writer. She has been a pastor's wife, church school teacher and administrator, a director of Christian education, and an associate pastor. She has directed children's, adult, and handbell choirs, all giving her a wide experience in local church ministry. She is active in the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada and Choristers Guild. In recent years, she has enjoyed an especially fruitful collaboration with musician John D. Horman. Together they have sought to write texts and music that have a strong relationship to the present culture, but that also have qualities of integrity and relevance.

Keithahn's contributions to The Faith We Sing (TFWS) and Worship & Song (W&S) include:


  • 2097, TFWS,"One Holy Night in Bethlehem" (author)
  • 2111, TFWS, "We Sang Our Glad Hosannas" (author)
  • 2135, TFWS, "When Cain Killed Abel" (author)
  • 2189, TFWS, "A Mother Lined a Basket" (author)
  • 2211, TFWS, "Faith Is Patience in the Night" (author)
  • 2216, TFWS, "When We Are Called to Sing Your Praise" (author)
  • 2265, TFWS,"Time Now to Gather" (author)
  • 3062, W&S, "Spirit-Child Jesus" (author)


Additional information and a photo of Mary Nelson Keithahn may be found at www.hymnsetc.com




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