Celebrating the Mystery: A Hymn Festival on Holy Communion


Using hymns, Scriptures, readings, and prayers, this hymn festival is organized around the theme of Holy Communion. It is not intended to be used as an actual service of Holy Communion since it does not contain the Great Thanksgiving. Rather, it should be used to explore and celebrate the nature of the sacrament, its meaning and mystery. It might be used as an evening worship service, a Sunday morning service, or as a combined Sunday morning Sunday school gathering that would then lead into a worship service of Holy Communion.

Included is a congregational worship bulletin and a full service with readings. The congregational bulletin does not contain the actual readings. The version that contains the readings may be duplicated for worship leaders only. It is not for congregational use. Permissions have been obtained for this use, provided that churches include the "Acknowledgment" section on all copies. We have been unable to locate the authors of several of the readings and hope that we will be able to contact them through the use of this service.

This hymn festival might be especially meaningful for World Communion Sunday (the first Sunday of October).

Worship Bulletin

Hymn Festival: Celebrating the Holy Mystery

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