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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month #4

"Amarte sólo a ti Señor" ("To Love Only You, O Lord") is an anonymous Spanish chorito based on John 14:21. It appears in the United Methodist hymnal Mil Voces Para Celebrar at no. 229. An English translation by Dean McIntyre and Blanca Longhurst is available on the at Discipleship Ministries worship website.

The text is simple: stanza one, a prayer "to follow only you, O Lord"; stanza two, "to trust in only you, O Lord," both ending with "and not look back." The refrain continues the prayer, "to follow in your footsteps, to follow without fainting, to follow to the end, O Lord, and not look back." The song is best played and sung at a not-too-fast tempo that allows for all the words as well as the rhythmic and chord changes in the accompaniment to not be rushed.

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