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Celebrating Black History Month #16

Margaret Pleasant Douroux is a daughter and sister of pastors. Her mother taught her, her four sisters, and one brother to sing and play the piano. She went on to formal music study, earning a bachelor's (Cal State, L.A.), two masters' (USC) and Ph.D. degrees. Despite her training, she never intended music as a career, and she went on to work as an educational psychologist in the Los Angeles schools.

Her father, the Rev. Earl A. Pleasant, toured as a singer with his friend, Mahalia Jackson, and founded Mount Moriah Baptist Church near the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Margaret Douroux wrote her first song, "Give Me a Clean Heart," in 1970; and it caught on after it was introduced at a national gospel convention. Douroux went on to a catalog of more than 200 songs, many of which have been recorded by numerous artists and included in hymnals and songbooks. Her songse including "We’re Blessed" and "If It Had Not Been for the Lord on My Side." She remains active in her church music position and as a teacher, speaker, and guest musician.

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