Call to Worship for Christ the King/Reign of Christ Sunday

A 21st Century Worship Resource
by Safiyah Fosua

Call to Worship


Leader: Come to worship Jesus Christ, Alpha and Omega, the one who is, who was, and is to come (Rev. 1:8).


People: We come to worship the one who rules justly (2 Samuel 23:34).

Leader: Come to worship Jesus Christ, the faithful witness
The firstborn of the dead,
The ruler of the kings of the earth! (Rev. 1:5)

People: Bread of Heaven, God with us! (John 6:51, Mt. 1:23.)

Leader: Good Shepherd, True Vine! (John 10:11, John 15:1.)

People: Eternal Word, Great I AM (John 1, John 8:58).

Leader: Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace! (Isaiah 9:6.)

All: We come to worship Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords! (Rev. 19.16.)
To him be glory and dominion forever and ever! Amen. (Rev. 1:6.)



Collect for Christ the King Sunday

God of Eternity, we stand with the courage of those who insisted, even in perilous times,
that not even the most powerful rulers of this earth hold our eternal destiny in their hands.
We are secure in Christ, whose reign is just, whose power is endless, and whose love is unfathomable.
God of Eternity, we join the chorus of saints who continue to declare that Christ is our King.



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