#Blessed — Order of Worship

Year A (January 29, 2017) | The Great Invitation, Week 4

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“Blessed”                                                                  CCLI # 3490547 (Hillsong)
“Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”                    NEW EBENEZER (Burton-Edwards)


“Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”                    UMH 400
“Blest Are They”                                                       TFWS 2155

Prayer of Illumination

We Would See Jesus, st 3, alt. (Unison speaking, instruments in background)
We would see Jesus on the mountain teaching,
with his disciples listening, gathered round,
while birds and flowers and sky above are preaching
the blessedness which simple trust has found.

So open our eyes and our ears
and all our senses
to receive your Word
and follow where you lead. Amen.


Reading                                                                     Matthew 5:1-12
During the reading, show examples of #Blessed from Twitter or Instagram, either on projection screens or on signs placed placed around the worship space.

Sermon                                                                      “#Blessed”

Prayers of the People

Use “Cuando El Pobre” as a frame for intercessions.

Sing Stanza 1
Play stanza while praying:

With people who are poor, who lack clean water, who have disabilities, and all whom your kingdom blesses…
Sing Refrain

Sing Stanza 2
Play stanza while praying:
With people who are sick and suffering, with people in desperate situations, with all who show love even toward those who hate or harm them, and with all whom your kingdom blesses…
Sing Refrain

Sing Stanza 3
Play stanza while praying:
With all who are rejoicing, with all who bravely speak the truth, and with all who live simply so they may bless others, with all who work to preserve our environment for future generations, and with all whom your kingdom blesses…
Sing Refrain

Sing Stanza 4
Play stanza while praying:
With our families, with leaders and candidates for leadership of nations who work for peace, with all who turn strangers into siblings, and with all whom your kingdom blesses…
Sing Refrain

The Lord’s Prayer (spoken, or sung to “Cuando El Pobre,” as follows)
Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name
Your kingdom come on earth as in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread.

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive,
And tempt us not, but rescue us from evil.
For the kingdom and the power are yours forever!


Change opening “then” to “and”


Draw from the sermon specifics God blesses that you can give thanks for in the service today. Perhaps also give an opportunity for people to respond in worship via Twitter (#blessedatXUMC) to share how they are blessed or have seen God’s blessing in the ways described by Jesus in the gospel reading. Or write their “#blessed” items on cards and pass them forward during the offering.

Offering Music
“Oh, How Good It Is”  (stanzas 1-3)                          CCLI # 6399212 (Getty)
Choir or ensemble sings while congregation posts or hands in #blessedatXUMC cards at the offering. Band plays the “da-da-da” section as plates are brought forward. Then all stand and sing again stanza 3.


Reprise of “Come, Thou Fount” (whichever tune you started with) with these words:

You have shown us what you’re blessing,.
filled us with your truth this hour.
Send us forth, your love confessing,
Source of mercy, grace, and power!

Make our hearts to long for justice.
Cleanse our lives, that we may see
all the joys your Spirit’s bringing,
and the peace that sets us free!

Send us, fount of every blessing,
tuned now by your grace to be
streams of mercy, never-ceasing,
in your name, blessed Trinity!

Send us forth to love each other,
love to friend and enemy;
lives restored and friendships thriving,
in your kingdom’s harmony.

Deacon or Pastor:
Go forth, blessed ones.
Bless all whom God blesses.
Rejoice with those who mourn.
Make peace wherever you can.
And know God goes this road with you.

People: Thanks be to God!

Variations on “Cuando El Pobre” or another song used in the service

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