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An Order for Blessing New Drivers

The pastor or worship leader begins

Dear Friends in Christ:
In our mobile society, receiving a driver’s license is a significant and meaningful transition in life, long-awaited and greatly celebrated as a signpost of growth and maturing on the road to full adulthood. It is a gateway to new freedom and a significant responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Today in this gathering of Christ’s disciples, we pause in worship to recognize and honor this milestone in the life of some of our younger brothers and sisters in Christ and to bless them as they take on this new duty and opportunity.

I present to you the following young people who come to this holy moment:

New drivers are named as they come forward with their parent(s) and/or care provider(s).

On behalf of the congregation, I ask you:

Will you operate you vehicle in ways that reflect the ways of Christ? Will you show patience, self-control, kindness, humility, goodness, faithfulness, love, joy and peace behind the wheel as well as when you do not drive?

With God’s help, I will.

Will you give your word and promise before God and those of us who love you that you will refrain from behaviors that endanger you and others, including texting or drinking and driving?

With God’s help, I will.

With the help of your parents and other care-givers, will you keep your vehicle in good running order and maintain it for safety reasons and to reduce its impact on the environment?

I will, with the help of others.

Parents and care-givers, do you affirm and celebrate this transition in the life of your child?

I do.

By your own practices and attitudes, will you serve as good examples of Christ’s disciples in every aspect of your life, including how you drive?

With God’s help, I will.

If the need arises, will you respond to your child’s call for help and assistance, no questions asked, including any time when his or her driving ability may be impaired?

With God’s help, I will.

Each new driver kneels while the pastor and family member(s) lay hands on his/her head (or hands):

Name, take the authority and the responsibility to be a driver of a motorized vehicle, and do so in the spirit of Christ. Amen.

Each new driver stands while a member of the church makes the sign of the cross (or lays hands) on each one:

We mark your head with the sign of the cross (or We place our hands on your head) that you may be wise and knowledgeable as you drive.

We mark your eyes with the sign of the cross (or We place our hands on your eyes) that you will always be alert and attentive on the road.

We mark your ears with the sign of the cross (or We place our hands on your ears) that you will be aware of others around you and listening to the Holy Spirit speaking to you at all times.

We mark your heart with sign of the cross (or We place our hands on your heart) that your attitudes will always reflect the ways of Jesus.

We mark your hands with the sign of the cross (or We place our hands on your hands) that you will drive carefully and keep your vehicle under control at all times.

We mark your feet with the sign of the cross (or We place our hands on your feet) that you will control your vehicle’s speed wisely and well.

The service ends with this commission and blessing:

Beloved children of God loaned to us but for a while, whatever you do or say, do all in the name and spirit of the Lord Jesus as you give thanks through him to God the Father.

May the blessing and peace of God be upon us all. Amen.

The Rev. David Hindman current serves as Lead Pastor of Duncan Memorial UMC, Ashland, VA.

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“An Order for Blessing New Drivers,” Copyright © 2013, The Rev. David Hindman. Published by Discipleship Ministries. Used by permission.

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