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Alphabetical Index of First Lines: Worship & Song (2011)—Music and Worship Resources Edition


3149 A Place at the Table

3051 A star shone bright

17 A wilderness beckons us

3113 A Wilderness Wandering People

3032 Across the Lands

3083 Adoramus te Christe

140 Affirming God, we allow the distractions

46 After this I looked, and there was a great multitude

3011 All My Days

12 All who thirst, come to the water

192 All your gifts are welcome here, God

3006 Alleluia

3088 Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

119 Alleluia! Christ is risen!

198 Almighty God, change is bittersweet

87 Almighty God, in raising Jesus from the grave

156 Almighty God, you gave us your commandments

55 Almighty God, you sustained your people with manna

3120 Amazing abundance

3104 Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

3171c Amen (Ahner)

3172c Amen (Henry)

3164 As I went down to the river to pray

60 As the sun rises, so does our prayer

120 As we focus on money

3183 As we go

3180 As we part for the towns and cities

169 As you have been fed at this table

3166 Author of life divine

105 Awesome, holy, and loving God


61 Be careful! Watch out!

3182 Benediction Hymn

3053 Bethlehem

3019 Bidden, Unbidden

3035 Bless Christ through whom all things are made

3002 Blessed be your name

103 Blessed God, you have called us

3077 Blessed is he who comes in God’s name

131 Blessed One, the resurrection of your Son

129 Blessed One, we discover such a contrast

3 Blow the trumpet in Zion

3145 Breath of God, Breath of peace

3112 Breathe

3147 Built on a rock the Church shall stand

162 By faith we say that we do not leave

3110 By grace we have been saved


3072 Cast out, O Christ

3054 Chinese Lantern Carol

3122 Christ has broken down the wall

3171b Christ has died, Christ is risen (Ahner)

3172b Christ has died, Christ is risen (Henry)

29 Christ is risen from the dead

3174 Christ, we are blest

3175 Christ, we come with joy and gladness

3130 Come and speak to us

3130 Come, Emmanuel

3091 Come, Holy Spirit (Iona)

3092 Come, Holy Spirit (Houghton)

3017 Come, join the dance of Trinity

3157 Come, let us dream

3055 Come, little children

3176 Come, now is the time to worship

3046 Come, O Redeemer, Come

59 Come on! Come on!

3094 Come to me

3173 Come to the feast of heaven and earth

3168 Come to the table of grace

3114 Come to the Water

3171 Communion Setting (Ahner)

3172 Communion Setting (Henry)

3138 Confession

3115 Covenant Prayer

3018 Creation sings

69 Creator God, how great is your name

81 Creator God, how lovely is the dwelling you have made


3086 Day of arising

3186 Days of Elijah

57 Days pass and the years vanish

136 Dear Father, we admit that Advent

212 Deep, flowing mystery of God

3097 Depth of mercy

3117 Do all the good you can

3045 Down by the Jordan

3164 Down to the River to Pray

3154 Draw the circle wide

3098 Dust and ashes


3088 Easter Alleluia

34 Enlighten our hearts, Father of glory

71 Eternal God, in the reading of the Scripture

28 Eternal God, rock and refuge

3030 Eternal God transcending time

95 Eternal God, we are grateful

3021 Everlasting God

3038 Everyone needs compassion

3126 Everything that has voice

153 Exalted One, we joyfully celebrate


3099 Falling on My Knees

3046 Father, enthroned on high

147 Father God, your Word is filled

122 Father, hallowed be your name

152 Father, John the Baptist reminded those long ago

3150 Father, we have heard you calling

3167 Feed us, Lord

3093 Fill My Cup, Lord

3005 Fill us with your love, O Lord

3149 For everyone born, a place at the table

49 For rebirth and resilience, blessed be God

208 For the decisions before us, Lord

166 For your goodness and generosity

3023 Forever

22 From Bethlehem to Nazareth

179 From the cowardice that does not face new truths

163 From where we are to where you need us


3096 Gentle Shepherd

3140 Give Me Jesus

3023 Give thanks to the Lord, our God and King

206 Give us, O Lord, churches that will be more courageous

3057 Gloria en las alturas

143 Glorious God, we like to practice random acts of kindness

3075 Glory in the Cross

3057 Glory in the highest

3088 Glory to God who does wondrous things

164 Go forth from this place in peace

167 Go! Never stop going out from church

165 Go out into the world in peace

3158 Go to the world

3047 God Almighty, we are waiting

170 GOD IS. So go with God

3026 God is good, all the time

3025 God is speaking

3031 God Leads Us Along

78 God loves us

196 God, make of us truly great lovers

10 God of Advent, of waiting and hoping

64 God of all creation, we come with grateful hearts

94 God of all creation, you are pure and holy

203 God of all nations, we thank you

204 God of compassion, you alone can show us

8 God of glory, your splendor shines from a manger

133 God of Grace and Glory, we offer these gifts

146 God of Grace and Mercy, you call us to be servants

3033 God of great and God of small

32 God of Life, your risen Son has gathered us

150 God of New Beginnings, we seek to do everything

187 God of new beginnings, you wipe away our tears

191 God of our daily lives

13 God of power and wonder

189 God of restoration and renewal

3020 God of the Bible

155 God of the crucified Jesus

222 God of the peaceable kingdom

19 God of the wilderness

92 God of truth, you have spoken your Word

16 God of wilderness and water

3034 God of Wonders

201 God, our Creator, we give you thanks

3052 God rest you merry, gentlemen

74 God, the more we know you

117 God, there are times in our lives

14 God, we have to admit

42 God, whose fingers sculpt sun and moon

194 God, why do we have one church

3161 Gracious Creator of sea and of land

211 Gracious God, our heavenly Father

86 Gracious God, our sins are too heavy to carry

149 Gracious God, we are overwhelmed

89 Gracious God, we gather today like the psalmist

135 Gracious God, we offer you thanks and praise

123 Gracious God, you have reminded us

124 Gracious God, you provide us with hope

6 Gracious God, your servant Mary

2 Gracious God, your vision of peace and wholeness

12 Great God of waves and flames

3106 Great is your faithfulness

99 Great music and little birds remind us of your majesty


3036 Hakuna Wakaita sa Jesu

3027 Hallelujah

3131 Hear my prayer, O God

3090 Hear the bells ringing

145 Heavenly Father, we often hear that children are a gift

154 Heavenly Father, you are the true master

142 Heavenly Lord, each day we witness untold miracles

3177 Here I Am to Worship

158 Here in this sanctuary we remember

3123 Here is peace

114 Here, Lord, we put our love into practice

3134 Hide me now

108 Holy and loving God, bring calm

3141 Holy darkness

75 Holy God, author of the Word made flesh

111 Holy God, we give you ourselves

3171a Holy, holy, holy Lord (Ahner)

3172a Holy, holy, holy Lord (Henry)

3028 Holy Is the Lord

141 Holy One, we do not doubt that Jesus

24 Holy Savior, my betrayal set Judas against you

37 Holy Spirit, rain down on this place

172 Holy Trinity, outgoing, sending

157 Honestly, God, your promise of a new life

3078 Hosanna (Roaché)

3079 Hosanna (Strathdee)

3188 Hosanna

21 Hosanna! Hosanna! Blessed is the One who comes

3132 House of God

3003 How Great Is Our God

3015 How great you are

3124 How shall I come before the Lord

3099 Hungry, I come to you


3127 I have a dream

3100 I hear the Savior say

3142 I love the Lord

3107 I once was lost in sin

3188 I see the King of glory

3037 I thank you, Jesus

3101 I was sinking deep in sin

3184 I’m finding myself at a loss for words

3102 I’m forgiven because you were forsaken

3108 I’m tradin’ my sorrows

3063 If I could visit Bethlehem

3121 If you believe and I believe

3105 In Christ alone my hope is found

77 In defiance of corruption and falsehood

3135 In God alone

3031 In shady green pastures so rich and so sweet

3029 In the desert, on God’s mountain

3140 In the morning when I rise

3136 In the quiet of this moment

188 In you, gracious God

197 It is by our love that we are known

23 It’s all done! Finished! Settled!

3076 Ivory Palaces


67 Jesus Christ, Lord of the Church

110 Jesus gave himself for us, God

3074 Jesus is a rock in a weary land

3060 Jesus, Jesus, oh, what a wonderful child

214 Jesus, Lamb of God

3100 Jesus Paid It All

26 Jesus, remember us when you come into your kingdom

65 Jesus said, “Come unto me all you who are weary”

144 Jesus said, “Whoever welcomes one such child”

3056 Jesus, the Light of the World

3039 Jesus, the saving name

3143 Jesus, you are the new day

127 Joy to the world, the Lord has come

3107 Just a Little Talk with Jesus


3133 Kyrie


3007 Laudate Dominum

3159 Let our earth be peaceful

3075 Let us ever glory in the cross

35 Let us gather as they gathered on the Mount of Olivet

212 Let us pray. Loving God, we spend so much time

3152 Let’s walk together for a while

3177 Light of the world, you stepped down into darkness

202 Like fireworks against a night sky

3093 Like the woman at the well

193 Living God, Holy Trinity

3109 Living Spirit, holy fire

195 Lord, can salvation really be so easy

180 Lord, give to all those people who have authority

98 Lord God, let me give until it helps the poor

186 Lord God, when we exercise leadership

168 Lord, here we stand with the whole city

3115 Lord, I am not mine, but yours alone

183 Lord, in these times, when we fear

3080 Lord, Is It I?

3137 Lord Jesus Christ, your light shines

207 Lord, make our hearts places of peace

3034 Lord of all creation

66 Lord of all nations, you hold this fragile world

139 Lord of Peace and Hope, we thankfully give

218 Lord of the morning I awake to this new day

182 Lord, prevent us from falling

3111 Lord, redeem our broken world

219 Lord, set your blessing on us as we begin

88 Lord, we have come to see that our lives fall far short

115 Lord, we need you to give us power

3014 Lord, you are good

3178 Lord, you are welcome

3059 Love has come

3101 Love Lifted Me

3116 Love the Lord

134 Loving Father, you powerfully fill the voids in our lives

132 Loving Father, you quench our spiritual and emotional thirst

113 Loving God, faithful and gracious forever

205 Loving God, we spend so much time

72 Loving God, who speaks to us through your Scriptures

216 Loving God, you created us

148 Loving God, you have blessed us

106 Loving God, you have seen our needs


190 Make my life a libation

3044 Make way

3058 Mary had a baby

3190 Mary had a little Lamb

46 May God, who has given us, in the lives of his saints

18 May the blessing of God give us strength for the journey

27 May the Christ who walks on wounded feet

178 May the God who made heaven and earth

176 May the love of God surround you

173 May the love of the Father enfold us

40 May the Spirit of God be in you

3171a Memorial Acclamation (Ahner)

3171b Memorial Acclamation (Henry

3042 Men of faith, rise up and sing

5 Merciful God, always with us

3038 Mighty to Save

3076 My Lord has garments so wondrous fair


3081 Now behold the Lamb

221 Now, Father, as I lift my hands

224 Now may the Sprit of God, who brooded over the waters

121 Nurturing God, let us not grow weary


3179 O breath of God, come fill this place

3146 O Breath of life

3084 O Christ, you hang upon a cross

3087 O Christ, when you ascended

177 O church of God, united

3001 O for a thousand tongues to sing

3153 O God, in whom we live

54 O God, make the door of this house wide enough

104 O God, may our use of money reflect the values we claim

199 O God of the crucified Christ

181 O God, our sacred source, call us home

116 O God, we are amazed

1 O God, we are challenged to be patient

151 O God, we are so grateful for your abiding love

137 O God, we are stirred this Christmas morning

128 O God, we recognize that we have been blessed

50 O God, whose love like rolling ocean waves

3004 O God, you are my God

15 O God, you delight not in pomp and show

209 O God, you have come in Jesus Christ

52 O God, you pour out your spirit of grace and love

130 O God, you unconditionally share

47 O gracious and holy God, give us diligence

109 O great and holy God, we sing hymns

102 O Holy One, we make our offerings

3089 O living God

220 O Lord my God, I thank Thee

3182 O Lord, now let your servants depart in peace

48 O Lord, our God, creator of our land

184 O Lord our God, listening to us here

118 O Lord, you know the circumstances of each of our lives

51 O Mysterious God, who hides in the shadows of our steps

3085 Oh, to see the dawn

126 On a night when all seems holy

3064 On Christmas night

3156 One is the body

3008 Open the eyes of my heart

3069 Our Father, Father in heaven

91 Our Father, forgive us for thinking small thoughts of you

3070 Our Father in heaven

3068 Our Father, which art in heaven

3071 Our God in heaven

63 Our hearts are full of praise, O God

96 Our lives are cluttered, Lord Jesus


3069 Padre nuestro

3022 Peace of our praying

3125 Peace for the children

3181 Peace, Salaam, Shalom

38 Perplexing, Pentecostal God

215 Please listen, O God

3009 Praise God for this holy ground

3041 Praise him

125 Precious Lord, amid the twinkling lights

3103 Purify my heart


11 Radiant Morning Star, you are both guidance and mystery

3111 Redemption

93 Renewing God, trusting in your infinite grace

3117 Rule of Life


30 Sanctifier of time and space

3171a Sanctus and Benedictus (Ahner)

3171b Sanctus and Benedictus (Henry)

3061 See him lying on a bed of straw

3056 See the Bright and Morning Star

3185 Send us your Spirit

3042 Shout to the North

200 Show us, good Lord, how to be frugal

3010 Sing of the Lord’s goodness

3007 Sing, praise, and bless the Lord

9 Sing! Sing to the Lord a new song

3013 Sing the praise of God our Maker

20 Sisters and brothers, let us claim the freedom Christ gives us

161 Sisters and brothers, we are not dismissed

159 Sisters and brothers, whom will you seek

3065 Some children see him

3095 Somebody’s knockin’ at your door

3160 Somlandela

39 Spirit of the living God, visit us again on this day

3062 Spirit-child Jesus

3162 Stand in awe

3004 Step by Step

3134 Still

3066 Still, still, still

3021 Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord


3173 Table of Plenty

3165 Take me to the water

3119 Take, O take me as I am

3118 Take this moment, sign, and space

3067 Tears are falling, hearts are breaking

171 Thank you, God, for uniting us with yourself

175 Thank you, Jesus, for hearing us

3090 The Easter Song

3151 The Jesus in me

7 The light that enlivens all the world

3155 The Lord of Life, a vine is he

3068 The Lord’s Prayer (Malotte)

3069 The Lord’s Prayer (Rosas)

3070 The Lord’s Prayer (Haas)

3071 The Lord’s Prayer (Miller)

3085 The Power of the Cross

3179 The Risen Christ

31 The risen Savior shines upon you!

3003 The splendor of the King

3189 There is a higher throne

3148 There’s a spirit of love in this place

3114 There’s a war going on just across the street

3036 There’s no one in this world like Jesus

3186 These are the days of Elijah

210 This day, O loving God, is a gift that we accept

3112 This is the air I breathe

33 This is the good news

3132 This is the house of God

3054 Tiny hand strike tiny chime

25 Today the carpenter’s hands are nailed to a cross

3129 Touch the earth lightly

3108 Tradin’ My Sorrows


3050 Until Jesus comes


3048 View the present through the promise


3049 Wait for the Lord

3163 Walk in the light

3163 Walking in the Light of God

3083 We adore you, Jesus Christ

53 We also boast in our sufferings

3113 We are a wilderness wandering people

82 We are children of God

185 We are people who must sing you

76 We believe in one God

80 We believe in the Most High God

83 We believe: The poor in spirit are blessed

79 We belong to God, eternal and infinite

213 We bring our burdened and grieving hearts

84 We cannot come before God

3139 We cannot measure how you heal

138 We celebrate the birth of the Holy Child!

73 We come broken

100 We confess, O God, that we are often overwhelmed

101 We confess, O Lord, that your loving

3187 We fall down

4 We gather in preparation

44 We give you thanks, our God and Father

174 We have gathered here at the personal invitation

3138 We humbly ask the mercy of your love

68 We meet in different buildings

43 We often act like we are the only children in your family

70 We praise you with joy, loving God

107 We present these gifts, O God

3028 We stand and lift up our hands

3073 We walk his way

3160 We will follow

3152 Welcome

3067 Welcome to Our World

3016 What a mighty God we serve

160 What does the Lord require of you

3170 What feast of love

3128 Whatever you do

206 When anyone leaves our church family

3144 When the waves are crashing

36 When the world divides us

85 When we come into the holy presence of God

3012 When words alone cannot express

3019 Whether I cry out your name

3082 Who is he who comes in triumph?

3080 Who was it who for profit’s gain

41 Wisdom, knowledge, faith

112 With money, time, and talents

3024 With you, O Lord

62 Wondrous God, our hearts are full of praise

3184 Word of God, speak

58 Worriers of the world, unite!


3014 You Are Good

3040 You Are My All in All

3102 You Are My King (Amazing Love)

3040 You are my strength when I am weak

59 You are the salt of the earth

90 You asked for my hands

3169 You feed us, gentle Savior

3011 You know my words, before they’re said

3043 You, Lord, are both Lamb and Shepherd

3032 You’re the Word of God the Father

3106 Your Grace Is Enough

97 Your light has filled our lives

3027 Your love is amazing

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