All Flesh, as Grass from Seasons Past

Words: Ray Capo, 2016
Music: English folk melody; harm. by Dean B. McIntyre

Hymn writer Ray Capo skillfully uses biblical allusions (1 Peter 1:24-25, Habakkuk 2:20) in this hymn, which speaks to the moments when the earth is called to be silent before God. Ray writes, "The days following our loss of a church family member, I continued to reflect upon other recent as well as distant losses we have faced, for various reasons, including suicide, murder, and health. I was struck by the fact that no words, at times, seem appropriate or complete, as well intended as they may be." This hymn sings of the frailty and preciousness of life and the hope of days to come.

All Flesh, as Grass from Seasons Past [Sibelius]

All Flesh, as Grass from Seasons Past [PDF]


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