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Africana Hymnal Study Results

The 2008 General Conference authorized the Discipleship Ministries and the United Methodist Publishing House to conduct a study to determine the need for an official United Methodist hymnal for North American Christians of African descent. Below are the results of that study.

The reports below are pdf files.

  1. Executive Summary of the Africana Hymnal Study Committee Report
  2. Recommendations of the Africana Hymnal Study Committe
  3. Complete Africana Hymnal Study Report (400 pages)
  4. Online Study Report Summary
  5. Online Study Report PowerPoint (in pdf)
  6. Short Survey Summary Report
  7. Short Survey Report PowerPoint
  8. Short Survey Report Data (200 pages)
  9. (Sample) Online Survey
  10. (Sample) Short Survey
  11. (Sample) Listening Session Questions
  12. Frequently Asked Questions about the Africana Hymnal Study