About TeamWorks

by Craig Kennet Miller

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TeamWorks is a set of guidebooks designed to be used with a leadership team made up of the pastor, key staff, and laity in leadership positions. This can be your administrative board or similar committee or a team formed to strategize for the future. Is it suggested the team be made up of five to fifteen participants. 

TeamWorks gives you everything you need to offer high-quality seminars for leader development in your church. Each TeamWorks guidebook includes two seminars, four MyWork personal devotions, and TeamWorks tools. The material is designed to be self-led by people in your church and fosters important conversations about the future of your church.

From the TeamWorks landing page, you will find links to order the guidebooks you need directly from Amazon. Visit Seminar Presentations to view and download the presentation slides for each seminar in PowerPoint or as a PDF.  In the TeamWorks Tools section you will be able to download PDFs which you can use with leadership groups in your congregation. Alternately, you may view resources based on the guidebook to which they relate.


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