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A Weekend of Discovery…A Lifetime of Love

Worldwide Marriage Encounter and Engaged Encounter has been a leader in offering married couples the gift of an experience to enrich their relationship. The same comment has been heard from couples married for decades to couples married just a few years: "Our Marriage Encounter-United Methodist Weekend is the best thing we ever did for each other and for our marriage!" "Thank you for a life-changing experience. God’s hands were present the entire Weekend."

The reason for the glowing recommendations is simple. If couples have been married for many years, the Weekend can restore communication, renew commitment, and rekindle the passion in their relationship. If couples have been married for a short time, the Weekend can teach the skills they need to stay close through the ups and downs of life and how to keep their love growing year after year. The positive effects are not limited to just the couple, their family will benefit from their growing love as well.

Weekend Structure
Marriage Encounter Weekends and Engaged Encounter Weekends are presented by married couples; one is a pastor and spouse and the others are lay couples, all of whom have attended previous Weekends and are members of the United Methodist Church.

Presenting couples strive to live in an open and caring relationship. Their personal experiences are shared lovingly and deeply with the attending couples. Presenting couples are dedicated to the renewal of their own relationships and to the United Methodist Church, of which they are members.

Weekends begin usually on Friday evening and end mid afternoon on Sunday.
The "building block" process necessitates couples to understand that all sessions should be attended. Throughout the weekend, presentations are given with time to reflect as individuals upon each presentation with a question leading them to discoveries in their own relationship and perspectives. Then time is provided for each couple to share their responses openly and honestly in the privacy of their own room. Opportunities for group sharing are limited and participants are encouraged to share only if they desire.

Marriage Encounter is not..

  1. a teaching or lecture series.
  2. sensitivity training.
  3. a group sharing experience.
  4. a Bible study.
  5. marriage counseling.

Benefits to the Couple….

  • Couples are introduced to a communication tool so they can fully share feelings and needs, attitudes and convictions without the underlying expectation that their spouse has to change.
  • Couples receive sound practical down-to-earth advice about marital communications.
  • Couples discover the intimacy they can share, which is seldom depicted by the media and society standards prevalent today.
  • Couples realize they are not alone; that others experience similar feelings, needs, challenges, and problems; and they also share similar hopes, dreams and goals for their relationship.
  • Couples explore and apply God’s desire for marriage and how it correlates between the faith commitment to each other and the willingness to work at the marriage.
  • Couples are exposed to their faith community and the care that the church has for them...that God, their pastor, family and friends want the best for their marriage.
  • Couples of all faith expressions are welcome.
  • Couples participate in post-Weekend follow-up and support enrichment groups.

The Cost Of A Weekend
Marriage Encounter offers Weekends in the faith that all couples may attend without regard to their economic ability. Couples are not discouraged from attending because of a lack of funds. Near the end of the Weekend, couples are given the opportunity to anonymously share in the Weekend costs that include two nights lodging, five meals for each person, supplies used and nominal administrative costs. Marriage Encounter couples give their talents and time and are not paid for services.

It is necessary for a small fee to be prepaid to assure reservations. A small fee is considered a reservation fee and is not refundable if the couple cancels. This fee may be applied to a future reservation. Engaged Encounter Weekends are supported by a fee that is due prior to the Weekend.

Visit www.encounter.org to learn more about the Weekends. This website has a listing of locations and dates of Marriage Encounter Weekends and Engaged Encounter Weekends throughout the United States. If there isn’t a Weekend near you, let us know and together we will try to arrange an opportunity to get one started! If you wish to speak with someone call toll free 1-866-633-3862.

Don’t wait to invest in your relationship
when the payoff is so great!

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