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A Sacred Poem for the Christmas Season

I am thoughtfully sharing a sacred poem penned.
With Blessings and Peace this Christmas Season,

Alan Muntz; Grinnell, Iowa

Imagine Golden Glass City Brilliantly Gleaming
Offering Eternal and Infinite Love Of God
Wonderful Beauty Forever And Evermore
A Journey To The Eternal Heart Of God

"and the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass"
- Revelation 21:18 – (KJV)

"and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass"
- Revelation 21:21 – (KJV)

O God Cosmic Creator O'er Heaven And Earth
O Christ Starlight Saviour Giveth New Birth

Harken Herald Angels ; Starlight Beaming
Arise Sonrise Beaming ; Fields A Dreaming
Rejoice Angels Singing ; Jewels Gleaming
Kingdom Heaven Gleaming ; Thy Heart Streaming

Golden Glass Street Gleaming ; River Streaming
Ocean Beaches Glisten ; Seaglass Gleaming
Living Waters Streaming ; Heaven Dreaming
DeLight Jesus Gloweth ; Thy Heart Beaming

Lovely Saviour Beaming ; Fields A Dreaming
Arise Sonrise Gleaming ; Starlight Beaming
Kingdom Heaven Singing ; Spirit Streaming
Embrace Jesus Neareth ; Thy Heart Gleaming

Sonrise Saviour Beaming ; Gold Street Gleaming
Ocean Beaches Glisten ; Mountains Beaming
Newlife Waters Floweth ; Fountain Streaming
Golden Heaven Gleaming ; Thy Heart Dreaming !

About the Author:
Alan Muntz is both poet and hymn text writer from Grinnell, Iowa. He has been a frequent contributor to the Emmaus Newsletter and several of his hymn texts appears on the Hymn Society web site. We are honored to share this sacred poem.

Editor’s Note:
We have retained the author’sspelling and use of punctuation.