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A Prayer for the People of Egypt

O God,
Let it not be said
That the way of peace cannot prevail against the evils of violence
That people of peace must resort to violence to
Champion a righteous cause, or
That peaceful resistance is futile.

Be with the people of Egypt today and in days to come
As they hold fast to what they believe is right
As they speak truth to power
As they resist — even with their lives
For the sake of their children and those who will be born in years to come.

Today, we pause to pray with the people of Egypt who have seized history by the collar and insisted that there must be a better way and a better life for their people.

We pray with men and women, mothers and fathers, children, grandparents, uncles and aunts who have taken to the streets to make their cause known to the world community.

We pray with decision makers everywhere — that peace will demonstrate itself to be stronger than evil, and that love will prove stronger than violence. We appeal to you, O God, knowing that the entire world is in your hands and that you care about the shalom of people everywhere. Have mercy, God, and grant your peace. Amen.

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