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A Prayer Following Recent School Violence

Stabbings at Franklin Regional High School (Metro Pittsburgh) on April 9: One student stabbed 20 others, sending 7 to surgery with critical injuries.

Violence has broken out again among our children.
We are shocked, pained, astounded, angry
at the injuries one child has caused
and at the injury in his soul
that could allow him to act so brutally toward others.

We pray for all who attend to all these wounds,
in hospitals, counseling sessions, pharmacies,
in homes, in huddles of friends,
and in our congregations.

We pray for all who will manage the aftermath,
in schools, classrooms, board meetings,
in halls of policy and legislation.

We pray, not knowing answers,
beyond seeking answers,
simply seeking you.

Jesus, healer of our souls,
the nearer waters roll
and overwhelm us.
We all to your bosom fly.

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