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A Prayer as Sandy Beaches

We see the swirling clouds,
Hovering half the East coast
Mirroring the whirl of water
That has taken a life of its own
From the familiar whorl
That speaks hurricane to us.

Rescue us,
O God,
From that Whorl called Sandy,
Threatening to
Twirl us around as in dance,
And swirl us,
our loved ones, our possessions and our memories
Into some Cosmic black hole
Never to be summoned in laughter again.

Anchor us to you, Sweet Jesus
As the waters begin to rise
And the world we know
Threatens to end and begin at the same time. Amen.

Safiyah Fosua is a former Discipleship Ministries staff member. Dr. Fosua is currently serving as Assistant Professor of Congregational Worship at Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana and is a clergy member of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference.

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