A King Once Told His Servants

Words: Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, 2012
Music: tune, LLANGLOFFAN, Welsh folk melody

Scriptures: Matthew 18:25-35; 6:12, 14-15; 18:21-22
Topics: forgiveness, grace, blessing, mercy


A hymn on Jesus' parable about forgiveness.

Carolyn Winfrey Gillette is the author of Songs of Grace: New Hymns for God and Neighbor (Discipleship Resources). In addition to her hymns on the Discipleship Ministries website, many others may be found at www.carolynshymns.com.


A King Once Told His Servants (Sibelius format)

A King Once Told His Servants (pdf)

Categories: Hymns, Topical Music, - General -, Matthew, Blessing, Forgiveness, Grace

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